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Why include the foundation in a building insurance?

The foundation forms the basis of your house. If the foundation becomes damaged or cracks, it must be repaired. Sometimes, the foundation is completely unusable and must be replaced. The costs of this can be high. To be insured for this, you can include the foundation in your property insurance.

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Is the foundation included in the insurance of buildings?

With some insurers, the foundation is included in a building insurance policy as standard. However, this is not the case with all insurers. It is therefore wise to carefully check the policy conditions of your insurer to find out whether you need to include the foundation in your insurance separately. When you think of damage to your house, you probably don't think of the foundation. Unfortunately, the foundation can also suffer damage, for example due to a fire or explosion. By insuring the foundation with your building insurance, you will be spared the sky-high costs of repairing or replacing the foundation.

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Foundation not included in the rebuild value meter

The reinstatement value of your home is taken into account in a building insurance. The reinstatement value is the amount of money needed to rebuild your home in exactly the same way. To determine the reinstatement value of your property you can use the reinstatement value meter. However, the foundation is not included in the rebuilding value meter. Should the foundation be damaged, a new foundation will have to be made when rebuilding the house. With most building insurance policies you can therefore insure the foundation for a certain extra premium.

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If you take out building insurance for your home, you can choose whether you want to include the foundation in the insurance. In our online calculation module you can already calculate an indication of the monthly premium. At Alpina, we not only have the best coverages, but also the most competitive premiums. So you can be sure that you never pay too much for your home insurance.

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