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Does legal aid for business make sense?

Sometimes I lie awake because of all the hassle that comes with running a business. Of course it is fun and challenging to be self-employed, but it is also exciting. What happens if a client doesn't want to pay or if he takes me to court? Does it make sense to take out insurance for this?

Business legal expenses insurance

Be reasonable

Of course, as an entrepreneur, you run risks. But before you take out a business legal expenses insurance, you should ask yourself how big this risk actually is. How large are the amounts you are working with and what is the potential damage? Legal expenses insurance is always reactive. That means that help is only offered when things go wrong. You can also limit the risk you run by being well informed. For example by joining a trade association. Or by following workshops about drawing up general terms and conditions or making a watertight offer. You can also try to avoid a conflict by keeping in touch. Be reasonable! Call your client if you suspect that there are problems. You can often work things out if you react quickly and are helpful.

Protect your business

But a problem can still get out of hand. Even if you do everything possible to prevent it. A lawyer can easily cost €150 per hour. And angry relations are obviously not good for your business. So if you want to protect your company properly, it is wise to take out business legal assistance insurance.

Legal Help

What does a business legal assistance insurance cover exactly? First of all, you can request free telephone advice from the insurer's lawyers. In more complex cases, the lawyer will contact your client on your behalf. He or she can object, negotiate and even go to court for you. The costs of the lawsuit and the other party's legal costs (if the judge orders you to do so) will be reimbursed. Any bailiff or expert witnesses will also be paid from this insurance.

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