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Legal expenses insurance: what should you pay attention to when taking out?

A legal dispute is never pleasant. In addition, it often brings with it the necessary costs... A good legal expenses insurance policy can help in these situations. Most legal expenses insurance policies cost no more than fifteen euros per month. With legal expenses insurance, you can choose from different modules, which offer different coverage. This allows you to take out legal expenses insurance to suit your needs. Comparing and taking out legal expenses insurance involves a few things. Which modules are best suited to your situation? And what should you pay attention to when taking out legal expenses insurance? You can read more about that in this article from Alpina.

Take out legal expenses insurance

What types of legal expenses insurance are there?

The basic legal expenses insurance helps you with the smaller disputes you may encounter and disputes in traffic. Furthermore, you can expand the legal expenses insurance with different modules. Each module insures you against different types of disputes. Most insurers have the following modules to choose from:

  • The traffic module: here you are insured against disputes arising in traffic;
  • The consumer and housing module: this module insures you against disputes that arise after purchases, disputes with neighbours and disputes that arise around your home;
  • The income module: this module insures you against disputes relating to income. Think for example of labour disputes;
  • The Taxation and Equity module: this module is for disputes with, for example, the tax authorities or the stock exchange.

As you can see, you can extend your insurance beyond the basic coverage with one of the above modules. With each module you insure something else. In this way you can take out legal expenses insurance that meets your needs and requirements.

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What do you need to consider when taking out legal expenses insurance?

If you are considering taking out legal expenses insurance, it is good to think about a number of points:

  1. Is there a need to take out legal expenses insurance? For small disputes it does not pay to pay premiums for years;
  2. Overlap: Check whether you have overlap with another insurance company, this can save money;
  3. Coverage: Take a good look at the coverages and the different modules you may need. This may affect the premium you pay;
  4. Insured persons: with most insurers, you also insure your family (if they live with you);
  5. Waiting period: some insurers have a waiting period after taking out a legal expenses insurance. It is also possible that they will not handle disputes if the dispute has already started before the insurance was taken out;
  6. Insured amount: to what amount are you insured? Insurers often have a maximum insured amount. If you exceed this amount, you may have to pay extra;
  7. Cancellation: always check with your insurer how you can cancel;
  8. Compare: Compare different insurers well. This can save you money and help you find the right insurance.

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Are you considering legal expenses insurance? Then take it out now through Alpina! We have the right coverages for every situation. Always at the most competitive premiums. Do you still have doubts or questions about our legal expenses insurance? Feel free to contact our customer service. They are happy to answer all your questions.

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