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Car insurance in my partner's name: is that possible?

Do you own a new car? Then you are required to purchase car insurance for it. In most cases, the insurance will be in your name as the owner. But what not everyone knows is that you can put the car insurance in your partner's name. This can sometimes be more advantageous.

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car insurance in partner's name

Car in your partner's name; is that allowed?

Most insurers allow you to insure your car in your partner's name. Insurers assume that partners use a car together. A condition is that you and your partner are registered at the same address. In many cases the insurer will ask who drives the car the most. This can affect the amount of the premium.

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Why purchase car insurance in your partner's name?

Why should you put your car insurance in your partner's name? For car insurance coverage, it makes no difference whether the insurance is in your or your partner's name. However, it can make a difference for the premium. For example, if your partner has more claim-free years than you, it is likely that your partner will pay a lower premium. Is your partner older than 24 and you are younger than 24? Then you can also save on the premium by putting the car insurance on your partner. This is because young people under the age of 24 fall into a so-called risk group and usually pay more premium. Note, this construction is only possible at the time when your partner is also the regular driver of the car.

What is the disadvantage of car insurance in your partner's name?

So you may be able to save by putting the car insurance in your partner's name. But what are the disadvantages? The disadvantage is that you do not build up any claim-free years, because your car insurance is not in your name, but in the name of your partner. When you later want to switch to another car insurance, you cannot take the accumulated claim -free years with you to your new insurance. After all, the claim-free years are in your partner's name. In most cases, the consequence is that you will pay a higher premium for the new car insurance.

What happens to the partner car insurance in case of divorce?

It is possible to accumulate claim-free years together, but they remain associated with one person. The person who has the car insurance in their name is the owner of the accumulated years. So when you separate, the claim-free years remain with one of the two partners. It is possible to transfer the years (partially) to the partner. This way, you can avoid that the partner who does not have the car insurance in his or her name has to start again with zero years. With a waiver, the owner of the claim-free years can transfer them to the ex-partner.

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