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Search for car insurance: 8 Tips for what to look out for!

The search for the best car insurance sometimes raises many questions. What do you need to look out for? Well prepared is half the battle as we say. Therefore, we would like to share with you our 8 tips for looking for car insurance!

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Tip 1: Check which relevant insurances you have already taken out

In the insurance world, all insurance policies are complementary and overlapping. When you purchase car insurance, you may choose to purchase additional policies, such as legal expenses insurance, accident occupant insurance, passenger damage insurance or roadside assistance insurance. Some of these insurances you may already have taken out elsewhere. For example, you may have separate legal expenses insurance with the Traffic module. Or you may already be insured for roadside assistance with another agency. If this is the case, you obviously do not need to take out these insurances again. Keep this in mind when looking for car insurance.

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Tip 2: Think about what you want to be insured for in advance

Do you want to be insured only for damage you cause to others (the mandatory third-party liability insurance) or do you also want to be insured for damage to your own car, even if you are at fault? When looking for a car insurance, it is easy to think in advance about what you want to be insured for. You can choose from three different types of coverage:

  • WA: In the Netherlands, it is compulsory for vehicle licence holders to take out at least a WA insurance policy. This means that you are insured if you cause damage to another person, for example, due to a collision. Third-party insurance forms the basis of your car insurance.
  • WA + limited hull: limited hull insurance covers fire, explosion, windstorm, window breakage, theft, attempted theft and collision with stray animals. Limited hull offers a broader coverage, is often only slightly more expensive than a third-party insurance and is a lot cheaper than an all-risk insurance.
  • All-risk: Do you want to be fully insured? Then you should choose an all-risk insurance. This is the most extensive coverage. With an all-risk insurance you are insured for all the above mentioned damages and for damage to your own car, even if you caused the damage yourself.

Tip 3: Find out in advance how many claim-free years you have accumulated

The number of claim-free years you have built up is very important for the final premium you pay for your car insurance. The more claim-free years you have, the more discount you will get on the premium. You can request your claim-free years from your insurer or from Roy-Data. If you would like to know how many claim-free years you have in Roy-Data, please submit a request.

Tip 4: Don't just look for the lowest price, but also compare policy conditions

When looking for the right car insurance, not only the price but also the policy conditions are important. There are big differences in coverage between car insurances. For example, you can look at the notice period, new vehicle value regulation, purchase value regulation, coverage abroad and security. In the policy conditions you will find exactly which rights and obligations you have as a policyholder.

Tip 5: Check your coverage abroad

Your car insurance is also valid abroad and provides cover in the countries stated on your green card. Before you take out your car insurance, please check in which countries you are insured and if there are any conditions. This way you will not have unpleasant surprises when travelling by car. Arranging replacement transport in the event of a breakdown is usually not included in the standard insurance. You often have to take out additional insurance or travel insurance for this.

Tip 6: Experiment with own risk

When comparing car insurance policies, look at the difference the deductible makes. If you take a higher deductible, you get more premium discount. You can indicate in our online comparison tool how high the deductible should be. This way you can easily see the price differences in premium. If you generally suffer few damages, you can save a lot of money on the premium with a higher excess. Do you ever make a claim? Then it can sometimes be more profitable for you to pay for the damage yourself. You do not lose any claim-free years.

Tip 7: Compare car insurances

Don't just take out the first (cheap) insurance policy you see. When looking for car insurance, really take the time to compare different insurers on price and content. To do this, you can use our easy online comparison tool. Once you have entered your license plate number, some personal details and years without claims, the comparison can begin. Choose the coverage you want and select any additional insurances. You will get a handy overview of all car insurances that meet your criteria. Comparing them is really easy. Did you find the best car insurance? Then you can directly take out an insurance online.

Tip 8: Compare every year to find the best value for money

Our last tip is one of the most important. Many people take out car insurance and then never look back. Premiums and policy conditions can change every year. Therefore, a car insurance with exactly the same coverage can suddenly be cheaper with another insurer next year. Switching can save you a lot of money. Also your personal situation can change, which makes it necessary to change your car insurance. For example, when selling or suspending the car. Therefore we advise to check every year if your car insurance still suits you.

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