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What is unilateral damage?

Unilateral damage is damage that occurs when you hit an object with your car, such as a lamp post or a tree. In a unilateral accident you have not hit another vehicle, but you are the only road user involved. Does your car insurance cover unilateral damage?

What to do in case of unilateral damage?

Even if you have WA or WA limited-casco car insurance, it is important that you report damages resulting from a unilateral accident to your insurer. In a unilateral accident, you yourself are liable for the damage suffered. With a WA car insurance or WA limited casco car insurance, the insurer will not reimburse the costs.

With an all-risk car insurance you are insured for damage caused by a unilateral accident. After the damage has occurred, it is important that you fill in a claim form.

Claim form for unilateral damage

Even if there are no other parties involved in the accident, you should fill in a European claim form in the case of a unilateral damage. If it is a unilateral accident, you obviously do not need to fill in the details of the other party. However, it is a good idea to note down the name and contact details of any witnesses and take photos of the damage. As soon as the insurance company has received the claim form from you, they will process the claim.

unilateral-damage-car insurance

Claim = loss of claim-free years

Claiming a one-sided loss causes a drop in claim-free years. As a result, you will probably also have to pay a higher premium. When the damage is small, it can sometimes be more advantageous not to claim the damage, but to pay for it yourself. For each claim you file, you will lose 5 claim-free years. As a result, you will lose part of your accumulated discount. The loss of 5 claim-free years is the same for each insurer. However, the discount you receive by accruing claim-free years may differ with each insurer. So it may be that after a claim with one insurance company you get a lot less discount and with another insurance company the difference in discount is negligible.
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Unilateral damage and a leased car

Have you been involved in unilateral damage and do you own a lease car? Even then it is important to always fill in a claim form. Insurers always need a claim form in order to settle the claim. Always report the damage to the company where you lease the car. The rental company will explain to you how to proceed. If the damage is minor, you can probably continue driving. For larger damages, you may be entitled to a replacement car. This is stated in the lease contract you signed at the beginning of the lease period. In case of damage to a lease car, you often have to pay an excess. Check the conditions carefully before signing the contract. If you have any doubts about certain matters in the contract, please contact the lease company.

Your car insurance cover

Whether your car insurance covers unilateral damage depends on the cover you have chosen. Do you want to know if your car insurance covers unilateral damage? Please read the policy conditions. Do you want to change the coverage of your car insurance? You can do this by using the online contact form.

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