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Vandalism of the car: will it be reimbursed?

Do you have damage to your car due to vandalism? Vandalism is the deliberate destruction of the car and is excluded from coverage by many insurers in the policy conditions if you only have car insurance with WA coverage coverage. This coverage only compensates for damage you cause to others and thus no damage to your own car. Do you want insurance against vandalism of your car? Then you need at least a car insurance with third-party limited liability coverage or even a allrisk coverage.

Car vandalism report

If vandalism has affected your car, it is important to always file a report. With a report, the police can the perpetrators attrack down the perpetrators and, with that, you can recover the damage you incurred from the perpetrators. The police can also take extra measures if there is a frequent nuisance of vandalism in the neighborhood and mobilize the neighborhood to prevent vandalism. When vandalism occurs, there is no need to call 911 unless you catch perpetrators in the act. In that case, the police can come urgently to catch the perpetrators immediately. You can report vandalism to your car at the police station, or you can report it online. You do not have to go to the police station, but you can report the crime from the comfort of your home. If you want to claim damages from your insurance company, filing a report is absolutely necessary.


What is car vandalism?

If you are a victim of car vandalism, it is wise to check the policy conditions of your car insurance. Are you only WA insured? Then compensation for the damage by your insurer is out of the question. You can only hope that the perpetrators will be caught and that you can get compensation through them. If you have limited liability insurance, you will usually be reimbursed for the damage, but only under the following conditions:
- You have windshield damage.
- Vandalism has occurred due to riots.
- You have damage to your car due to burglary or attempted burglary.
- Joyriding with your car has taken place.

All other vandalism to the car, such as punctured tyres, broken mirrors or scratches in the paintwork, are only eligible for compensation if you have comprehensive car insurance.

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What about excess and claim-free years?

In most cases, you will have to pay an excess when claiming for damage caused by vandalism to the car. How high the excess is, depends on which insurance and insurance company you have. The amount of the excess can be found in the policy conditions. This may also mean It may also mean that it is more convenient not to claim any damage. For example, if the damage is less than the excess. In this case it is better to pay for the damage yourself. Claiming damage due to vandalism of the car also has consequences for your claim-free years. This can cause you to drop a few steps on the bonus-malus ladder. The extent of the damage is not taken into account. Again it is wise to make a good consideration whether the amount of damage is worth the drop in your lossless years.

Car vandalism: perpetrator known what now?

If the perpetrator of the vandalism of the car is known, then the recovery of the damage becomes somewhat simpler. You can then claim the damage from the perpetrator himself. However, it must be noted that the perpetrator must be financially capable of compensating your damage or that his liability insurance must be in place. liability insurance is willing to reimburse you for the damages. Is the perpetrator unable to compensate the damage or does his insurance company not cooperate? Then, in exceptional cases, it is possible to appeal to the Motor Traffic Guarantee Fund. Motor Traffic Guarantee Fund. A condition for this is that the vandalism to the car took place with another vehicle and that this vehicle is not insured or is registered as stolen. If the perpetrator is under the age of 14? Then you can submit your damage claim to the parents or the parents' liability insurance.

Car vandalism: perpetrator unknown what to do now?

In case of vandalism to the car, is the perpetrator unknown? Then you cannot claim any damage from the perpetrator. In that case, you can appeal to the Motor Traffic Guarantee Fund. Two requirements apply, namely that the damage must have been caused by a motor vehicle and that the other party can be held liable for the damage, even if this party is unknown. Your damage will only be compensated if you have done everything possible to track down the perpetrator. You can prove this by, for example, filing a report with the police. If you meet these conditions, you will be compensated for the damage of vandalism to the car by the Waarborgfonds.

Damage to car due to vandalism ?

Damage to your car through vandalism is, of course, extremely annoying. If someone has deliberately scratched your car or kicked off the mirror, it is completely beyond your control. Destruction or damage caused deliberately is categorised as vandalism. Unfortunately, in many cases you will have to pay for the damage yourself, unless you are properly insured. In any case, always contact your car insurance company after damage caused by vandalism. If the damage to the car was caused by children up to the age of 14, the parents of these children are fully liable. It does not matter whether the damage was caused intentionally or not. Of course, there is a difference between a child scratching a car on purpose, or accidentally brushing against it with his bicycle, but for the insurance this does not matter.

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