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Can or should you insure a suspended car?

When little or no use is made of a car, it may be more advantageous to suspend the car. This is because from the moment a car is suspended, the obligation to insure the car, have it MOT tested and pay motor vehicle taxes expires. In return, you pay a small amount for the suspension and the car is no longer allowed on the road. This is mostly done with cars that are only used during the summer period or in the situation when someone is away from home for a longer period of time.

As mentioned above, the obligation to insure the car expires. However, it is possible and wise to still take out car insurance. You can do this, for example, against damage or theft of your car.

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Insuring a suspended car

Suspended car insurance against theft

It is always possible to insure your suspended car against theft. The (limited) casco car insurance is the cheapest option in this case. Many insurers offer a possibility to insure separately against theft. They offer different modules for this. You choose which module(s) you want to insure the suspended car with and decide how much you will pay for insuring the car.

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Car suspended from service: insurance options

There are two choices when insuring your suspended car. Namely, "limited collision car insurance" and "full collision car insurance. The big difference between these options is that with full collision insurance, the car is also protected against damage you cause yourself. This also applies when the damage is caused by your own fault. With limited casco insurance, this is not the case and only the damage to another person is compensated.

The chances of causing damage to another, with a car that is not allowed on the road, are very low. The risks with suspended cars are therefore theft, storm/weather damage, fire and vandalism. It is therefore worth considering a limited hull insurance policy when you want to suspend your car.

Insuring a suspended car: suspension lifting

There are two ways in which the suspension of the car can be lifted. Either because the suspension period expires automatically or because you lift the suspension yourself through the RDW. You can easily lift the suspension yourself by logging into the RDW online with your DigiD. Please note that both when the suspension expires and when you end the suspension yourself, you have to take out car insurance again. This does not happen automatically. However, you will retain the same claim-free years that you built up before the suspension. Make sure you are insured again immediately after the suspension period, as the RDW can impose a fine after only two days.

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