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What is a chassis number?

A chassis number is a unique code that vehicles must have. It makes it possible to distinguish between the cars driving around.

All about the chassis number

A chassis number, also known as a frame number or vehicle identification number (VIN), is a unique code that all authorized vehicles must have. The chassis number helps distinguish between the hundreds of millions of cars driving around the world. So it is not linked to your car insurance, but it is linked to your car.

The number is engraved on the chassis/frame of the car, which is where the name comes from. Forging or removing the number is virtually impossible. You can find the number on a metal identification plate found in the engine compartment of every car. It is also where the other information about the car can be found, such as weight and engine type. Even after a severe collision, the chassis number will still be legible, due to the place in the car where it is affixed.

What does it look like?

The chassis number consists of a series of numbers and letters. Exactly what it looks like depends on the type, make and age of the vehicle. For example, old chassis numbers consist of fewer digits than new ones. Since 1980, a chassis number has consisted of 17 characters. Capital letters and numbers are used, but some letters are never used. These are the O, I and Q. This is because they are easily confused with the digits 0, 1 and 9. The last 6 characters are always digits.

What do the different number ranges stand for?

A chassis number consists of several number series, each of which has its own meaning. The number must comply with ISO guidelines and consists of three groups. The first group is the shortest. The country of origin and manufacturer are in the first group. The second group of numbers contains all the technical aspects of the vehicle, such as the type of gearbox that is in the car, the number of doors, the type of fuel used and the engine capacity. The last group of numbers distinguishes the vehicle from others. That is, in fact, the serial number. The first two groups may be the same for cars produced in close succession. The serial number makes it unique. Both numbers and letters are used.

On your registration certificate

The chassis number is not only found in the car itself, but is also always found on the car's registration certificate. It is checked of every car that is imported. This number will remain the same even when the car is imported and exported. So in this case it does not matter if the car gets a different license plate number. If the chassis number on the registration certificate does not match the chassis number in the car, there may be fraud. Also, when a car is stolen, it is used in tracking the car. This is because license plates are much easier to fake.

Where can I find the chassis number?

You'll find it in several places. First, it is always on your registration certificate, under vehicle identification number. Second, the number is engraved on the car's chassis/frame. The exact place where the chassis number is engraved may vary from car to car. It is important that the number on the frame and the number on the registration certificate match. This is because criminals sometimes clone the chassis number and then place it on a stolen car. This is also called re-catting a car. Therefore, if the numbers do not match, it may be a stolen vehicle.

Where is the chassis number on the registration certificate?

The chassis number is linked to your car's registration number. That is why it is on the registration certificate. It is therefore forbidden to simply mount a different chassis number on the vehicle without the RDW knowing about it. Through the VIN, a mechanic can see, for example, which parts were used and exactly when the car was made. This makes ordering new parts easier. You can find it on the back of the registration card, at the very top.

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More concepts about the chassis number

Car chassis number

Every car has a chassis number. This is forms the unique fingerprint of the vehicle. Using the chassis number, or VIN (vehicle identification number), all kinds of information about the vehicle can be found. The number consists of 17 characters, both letters and numbers. To link the number to the vehicle, it is engraved on the frame of the car. In the Netherlands, it is also linked to the registration certificate. Therefore, you can also find the number on your registration certificate or registration card.

Chassis number search

You can look up the chassis number in several ways. The easiest way is to look up the number on your registration certificate or registration card. Because the chassis number of the car is linked to the license plate, it is also always mentioned on the license plate. In addition, you can look up the chassis number on the car. This is always engraved on the frame of the car, especially in places and parts that are difficult to replace or modify. Also, the chassis number can often be found on the dashboard of the car, on the driver's side.

Query chassis number

Are you planning to buy a car abroad? Then getting the chassis number is a good way to find out if there has ever been any damage to the car. The mileage and number of owners can also be found out this way. This information is often concealed by the seller. Because all information, within the EU, is stored centrally, this is a useful tool to find out the condition of the car. So a chassis number is a good way to find out more about a car.

Chassis number check

Are you buying a car over from someone? Then you can do a chassis number check. With this you check if the number on the license plate and the number on the frame of the car match. If this is not the case, there is a chance that the vehicle has been stolen. In fact, criminals sometimes steal a car's identity and then link it to a stolen vehicle or a car with an extensive damage history. This makes the car look like it has nothing wrong with it, and makes it easier to sell it to an unsuspecting buyer. You can also use the chassis number to find out the actual mileage.

Chassis number report code

A car's report code is a unique four-digit code and consists of the last 4 digits of the chassis number. The report code can be found on the registration report you received when you transferred the vehicle to your name. The report code is also on the registration certificate or registration card. An insurer needs the reporting code to register the car with the National Road Administration (RDW). Without a report code you cannot insure your car either.

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