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Taking out All Risk car insurance the best choice?

All-Risk car insurance offers the broadest coverage, but is of course also the most expensive policy. In terms of coverage, it is the best possible choice, but the premium should be in proportion to the coverage you get. When is choosing a cheaper insurance policy a logical step?

There are three types of insurance that you can choose between for car insurance. The WA car insurance is the most limited and also minimally compulsory. This insurance offers coverage against damage caused to others or to other people's possessions. The damage to your own car you can not claim on this insurance. The WA limited casco offers a broader coverage. The insurer will also pay out for damage to your own car, but the damage must be covered by certain rules.

insured causes. This cover is of no use in case of damage caused by a collision, but it is of use in case of damage caused by, for example:

All-risk best choice

Why choose the All Risk car insurance?

In the event of a collision caused by you, you will not be paid for the damage to your own car. For that you need the WA-casco car insurance. Even the best drivers can overlook a small road from the right and cause an accident. With the two more limited types of insurance, you will not be paid for your own loss. Especially a car with a high value needs WA casco insurance. You would not want to think that your car of for example €20,000 is total loss and you will not get paid because the car is insured too limited?

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Top 8 best all-risk car insurances 2021 based on price

When it comes to getting the best car insurance, you are probably also looking at the price. Therefore, we always advise you to use a comparison tool. This way you can find out which car insurance is best for you.

*The premiums are based on a fictitious person driving a Citroen C1. The person is a male, 30 years old, based in Goes with 10 claim-free years. The calculation was made in January 2020 with the calculation tool of
Insurer Cover Monthly premium
ASR Advantage Package Trade-in Plus All risk €29,13 Calculate premium
ASR Advantage Package Free choice All risk €30,79 Calculate premium
ASR Advantage Package All risk €31,44 Calculate premium
Avero quietly on its way All risk €31,54 Calculate premium
ASR Advantage package free choice All risk €33,56 Calculate premium
AutoExcellencePolis All risk €36,08 Calculate premium
Nationale Nederlanden All risk €38,89 Calculate premium
AutoPrismaPolis All risk €43,54 Calculate premium

When is All Risk not the best choice?

When choosing car insurance, you assume the worst-case scenario. In case of a damage caused by you, you can lose your car in one go. With All Risk car insurance, the insurer compensates the other party's loss and your own loss. Without this coverage, you must be financially able to handle the repair costs yourself. In case of a serious accident you might even have to write off the car completely.

All-Risk car insurance can also be the right choice for a car with only a small value. Suppose you are not able to buy a replacement car after a costly damage to your car. In that case it might be wise to choose WA-casualty insurance. But the premium has to be reasonable. You are not going to pay hundreds of euros per year for a car that is only worth €2,000.

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