What to do if you have lost your RDW release certificate?

RDW clearance certificate lost

When you sell your car, you always get a indemnity certificate when you transfer the registration number. The release certificate is a document that shows that the car has changed hands. With this you can prove that the license plate is no longer in your name and that you are therefore no longer liable for the obligations of a license plate holder, such as the MOT, road tax and car insurance. Have you lost the release certificate? Then you can request an extract from the RDW. On Alpina.nl you can read exactly how this works.

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How to apply for a new indemnity certificate?

You can request an extract in two ways: online or in writing. If you need to request an extract as a survivor, you can only do so in writing. Are you requesting the extract in writing? Please take into account that there is a processing time of 9 working days. If you request the extract online, you can access your data immediately.


Do you want to request the extract online? Please follow the steps below:

  1. On the RDW website, go to Overview of registered vehicles up to 9 years ago
  2. Log in with your DigiD data
  3. Pay the costs of €4.50 via IDEAL
  4. You will then receive the extract in Pdf format. You can download the extract and save and print it yourself. You have 40 days to do this, after which the file is no longer available.


You may also choose to request the extract in writing. In that case, please follow the steps below:

  1. Mail your request for an extract to iv@rdw.nl. In this request you state your BSN number, name, address, place of birth, date of payment and the account number you used to pay.
  2. Are you sending this request as a survivor? Then you must also enclose a certificate of inheritance. You can only obtain this if the division of the inheritance is arranged through a civil-law notary. If you cannot obtain a certificate of inheritance, an (extensive) extract from the Basic Registration of Persons will suffice.
  3. You transfer the amount of €4.50 to account number 47 72 63 054 - IBAN NL76ABNA0477263054 in the name of the RDW in Veendam. With the payment you state the following:
  • Your name, address and city
  • What it is about, in this case an 'overview of vehicles up to 9 years ago'.
  • The date of your letter or e-mail
  1. Once RDW has received your application and payment, you will receive the data by post within 9 working days.

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