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iPad cases: what is covered by the contents insurance?

Your iPad has been dropped: is this covered by your home contents insurance? And in which cases is damage to your iPad covered or not? Suppose you have damage to your iPad: how do you claim it? We go into more detail in this handy article!

ipad contents insurance

Is damage to iPad or tablet covered by the contents insurance?

You've probably experienced it before. You are playing a game on your tablet or watching the latest news. After a while, you decide to take a break. You put your tablet on the edge of the kitchen table, walk away and hear a loud bang. Of course, you hope it was something else, but alas: the tablet is in pieces on the floor....

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Of course, this is very annoying, but you assume it will be fine. After all, it is covered by the contents insurance, right? You may be deceived. It differs per household contents insurance whether these kinds of "small accidents" are actually covered.

In which cases is damage to iPad or tablet covered?

Comprehensive household insurance:

Depending on which household contents insurance policy you have, damage to your tablet is insured. Standard home contents insurance does not reimburse damage to your iPad or tablet when it is due to an accident.

Comprehensive contents insurance reimburses only damage caused by fire, water damage, severe weather/storm damage and theft/burglary. For all other cases you are not insured: including damage to iPad or tablet.

Extra comprehensive household insurance:

Extra comprehensive coverage does not offer a solution in this case either. What is extra covered, for example, is precipitation that enters your house via the public road/the second floor. So there is no compensation if you drop the iPad or tablet yourself.

All-risk household insurance: 

That leaves only one insurance and that is the All-risk insurance. Have you taken out this insurance? Then it's convenient and you are insured against fall damage. Your iPad or tablet is covered. You can simply report the damage to your insurer and expect a payment for the repair or replacement. It may be that your insurer first wants to see a quote for repair. Always request this from your repairer.

How do I claim damage to my iPad or tablet?

Provided you have All-risk insurance, you can file a claim with your insurer. Make sure you have a few things handy, such as contact information and your policy number.


Before you contact the insurer, it is important to have the evidence in order. This is because the insurer may ask for it. For example, this could be a receipt or a photo of the damage. Make sure that the damage is clearly visible and possibly take a picture of where it happened. The damage report of the repairer is of course an additional proof.


Have you done all this? Then it's time to file your claim. These days, this is mostly done online via a form on the site. It is also possible to call the insurer. Once you have made contact, the insurer will assess whether you will be reimbursed for repair costs or the purchase price.

Will you be reimbursed or partially reimbursed for the repair? Then you can get back to activities on your iPad in no time!

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