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Contents insurance terminated due to non-payment of premium: now what?

Have you ever had a household insurance cancelled in the past (within the last 8 years) due to non-payment of the premium on time? In that case, you should mention the cancellation in every application you make for a new insurance policy. This is literally asked for in the acceptance questions: have you ever cancelled an insurance policy in the past 8 years?

You should also answer 'yes' to this question if you have been cancelled for moped insurance and want to apply for new car insurance. You should also state this when you apply for contents insurance if, for example, a moped insurance policy has been cancelled in the past due to non-payment.


How come my insurance was cancelled by an insurer just like that?

Insurance is never cancelled by the insurer unexpectedly and without notice. Several reminders and demands for payment will be sent to give you the opportunity to make the payments due. Unfortunately, it can happen that you are (still) too late and that the insurer wants to terminate your policy (s). According to the terms and conditions, an insurer may do this. Insurers call this an expulsion for non-payment.
The coverage of the vehicle is then also suspended and you are really no longer insured. The insurer will record this in its system and in your file.

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What are my options if an insurance policy has been cancelled for non-payment?

Unfortunately, most insurers have no way of insuring you in the event of non-payment in the past. Insurers do not want to run the risk that you will not pay the premium again in the future. They have become very cautious about this.

Insurers can decide for themselves who they do or do not want as a customer. Insurers have no obligation to accept. Only the health insurers are obliged to accept someone for the basic insurance at all times. We can, however, request a no-obligation quote from De Vereende for the home contents insurance (and other insurances). After all, we always have a solution for you.

This insurer has a broader acceptance policy and in principle accepts everyone, even if they have defaulted on payment in the past. The condition is that you pay the first 3 months in advance.

You can only take out insurance with De Vereende through an intermediary. For a quotation without any obligations you can contact us by telephone. At the moment it is not yet possible to request this quotation online.

Please note that we will need details of your home and contents for this and that you must have them ready.

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