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Thousands of agricultural and construction vehicles no longer allowed on the roads as of 1 January

Dec. 01, 2021
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Earlier this year we reported that, 1 month after the introduction of the license plate registration requirement for agricultural vehicles and motorvehicles with limited speed (MMBS), only 2% of MMBS registered was.

As of Jan. 1, 2021, license plate registration is required for both MMBS and agricultural vehicles. Owners will have until next December 31 to register the vehicle. Starting in 2022, all MMBS and agricultural vehicles must be registered in their names. Without a registration certificate, these vehicles will not be allowed on the road from Jan. 1, 2022. The owner is required to mount the license plate on the vehicle.

If, without registration (proof), the vehicle is still driven on public roads, the owner risks a fine.

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Registration lags considerably - RDW sounds alarm bells

Figures from the RDW show that at the end of September almost half of the expected 550,000 vehicles had been registered. The RDW does see an increase in applications in recent weeks, but is afraid that not all vehicles will be registered before January 1, 2022.. The backlog is greatest for the MMBS-and. Of these, only 40 percent were registered by the end of September. These include vehicles such as excavators, sweepers and forklifts. Owners of this group of vehicles do not seem to be aware that the vehicle must be registered.need to be registered.

Vehicle(s) easily registered online

People who own an agricultural vehicle or an MMBS can register the vehicle through the website of the RDW, a special page has been created for this purpose. The cost of registration is €18.

For those unsure whether their vehicle should be registered, there is a decision aid on this page that indicates whether the registration requirement applies to your vehicle.

Until December 31, 2021, no RDW inspection or inspection is required. If the registration is carried out after December 31, 2021, an RDW inspection or inspection is required. The cost of this is at least €140. That is, the costs are higher and it takes more time to register the vehicle. It is therefore important that this be done as soon as possible. The RDW's advice is: "apply for registration now, so that the registration certificate is in before January 1. Then the owner can also simply drive the vehicle on the road from January 1, so the work can continue."

Reporting license plate after registration

After the vehicle is registered, it is important that the license plate number is passed on to the insurer or intermediary. The vehicles should be reported to the RDW as WA-insured.

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