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Dutch companies at the forefront of cyber security

More and more Dutch companies are recognising the dangers of cybercrime. This is evident from the number of measures companies are taking to prevent a cyber attack. Due to the large increase in digital traffic, the danger of cybercrime will remain present in the coming years. Cyber insurance therefore no longer seems an unnecessary luxury. Has your company already taken measures to combat this form of crime?

Growing risk for businesses

The Dutch are more often victims of cybercrime than of other types of crime. This form of cybercrime therefore results in a great deal of damage. This may be in the form of missed sales, loss of customers, but also taking measures to prevent a possible (subsequent) hack. More and more companies are investing in cyber security. When it comes to cyber security, the Netherlands is leading the way internationally. Strong passwords, extra authentication and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection when working from home, among other things, ensure good security of your systems.

Large companies with more than 500 employees in particular do everything they can to prevent a cyber attack. SMEs have a security gap compared to large companies. As a result, they run risks that can be avoided.

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What are you doing to protect your business?

There are relatively simple measures that you can take yourself to prevent your company from becoming a victim of Internet criminals. A good antivirus system, for example, is indispensable. It is also important to use strong passwords and to have your employees do the same. It is therefore very important to keep your employees well informed.

Of course, cyber criminals are not sitting still. They are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The phishing mails are becoming so professional that it is almost impossible to distinguish them from the real thing. They are also increasingly trying to obtain important information via Whatsapp or telephone. Make sure you are well prepared for this and know that it can happen at any time.

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