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Are you prepared for cybercrime?

If you are hit by a cyber attack, your computers may be infected with a programme or virus that cuts off access to them. As a result, you no longer have access to your own files. The impact of a cyber attack is therefore very great. It is therefore wise to take out cyber insurance. What else can you do as a company to prevent becoming a victim of cyber crime?

Cybercrime at Dutch companies

Many businesses in the Netherlands are still unaware of the dangers of a cyber attack. The majority of Dutch businesses do not feel that they are fully prepared for cybercrime. More than half do not know the dangers, and not all Dutch businesses have a digital security plan. The result of a cyber attack is enormous chaos.

Strong passwords are necessary in order not to make things too easy for hackers. Do you agree on passwords with your employees and how is customer data handled in your company?

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Tips for preventing cyber attacks

Below, we have compiled a number of tips that you, as a business owner, can follow to minimise the risk of cyber attacks. These tips will help you to check whether your business is well prepared.

  1. Make sure the system is up-to-date; install software updates very regularly.
  2. Use strong passwords; minimise the use of the same passwords for different programmes.
  3. Make sure you have good anti-virus software and update it regularly.
  4. Do not click on links you do not trust.
  5. Always check the sender before opening a message or file. Do not open messages or files from senders you do not trust.
  6. Make sure your connection is secure; always check the URL and the (security) certificate. You can do this by looking at the padlock in front of the URL.
  7. Make your staff aware of the risks.
  8. Make clear agreements on the handling of customer data.
  9. Evaluate regularly whether your approach is having the desired results.
  10. Check whether you are properly insured and have the right coverage; if necessary, consult an advisor.
  11. Have a good backup strategy with at least one backup offline and one backup in a physical location.
  12. If possible, only use encrypted data in the cloud, where the provider does not have the key.
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Do the Cyber Resilience Baseline Scan

Based on 25 statements, you will find out how your company scores on the 5 basic principles of safe digital entrepreneurship, drawn up by the Digital Trust Center (part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change).

Receive a report and advice

After completing the scan, you will receive a report that shows, for each basic principle, to what extent you have your basics in order. Should this not be the case, then we will give you advice on how you can work on this yourself.

Please note that the report only gives an indication of the current cyber resilience of your company. It does not guarantee that your company is digitally safe.

Start the scan.

Alpina offers the option of cyber insurance for your business.

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Calculate the premium of your cyber insurance directly!

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