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Blacklisted insurance

We often hear from customers that they feel they are on an insurance'blacklist ' because of too many claims or non-payment of insurance premiums. Such an insurance 'blacklist' does not exist.

However, you can be registered with the CIS foundation if you have submitted a claim to your insurer. The question of guilt is not important here. You can also be registered if you have committed fraud when claiming a loss.

What does CIS stand for?

CIS is the abbreviation of Central Information System. Insurers and proxies can place registrations in this national database. The database is intended to make risks manageable and to prevent fraud as much as possible.

When an insurer registers you with Stichting CIS, it will inform you of this in writing. It will then also draw your attention to the fact that you must report the details when applying for new insurance.

Why am I registered with CIS?

You may be registered with the CIS for various reasons. This may, for example, have to do with fraud, damages or driving disqualifications. On the website of CIS you can check how you can request access to your own file. This is done by post and you need to enclose a copy of a valid identification document.

Insurers are not allowed to give Alpina information about the contents of your CIS registration. This is due to privacy laws.

What are my options in terms of home insurance when I have a CIS registration?

Often acceptance with regular insurers is difficult with a CIS registration. In this case we can request a no-obligation quotation for the household effects (and the other insurances) from De Vereende. This insurer has a broader acceptance policy and in principle accepts everyone. One of the conditions is that you pay the first 3 months in advance.

Can you not get insurance anywhere?

We have options for the following insurances. Even if you are registered.

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