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What is the statute of limitations for insurance fraud?

If you have committed insurance fraud, you will probably wonder what the limitation period for this is. As an insurance fraudster you are registered in internal and external fraud registers, including the database of the CIS (Central Information System). Besides insurance fraudsters, people with a criminal past and defaulters are also registered. Insurers will always consult this database and are thus alerted to people who pose a great risk when they want to take out insurance with an insurance company. If you have committed insurance fraud, you are such a risk. The time that a CIS registration remains active depends on the offence for which you have entered the database. Below we will inform you about the limitation period for insurance fraud.

insurance fraud limitation period

The limitation period after committing insurance fraud

Committing insurance fraud is an attack on the trust of the insurer and this is considered very serious. In addition, by committing insurance fraud, you have become a major risk to insurance companies. This is the reason that the statute of limitations for insurance fraud is as much as about eight years. During this time, you remain registered in the CIS database and can be found by any affiliated insurer.
Purchasing insurance again will not be easy during these eight years. Regular insurance companies are likely to reject your application because of the high risks you carry. You can still turn to De Vereende, however. De Vereende is an insurance company that focuses specifically on special risks insurance.

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Can the limitation period be shortened?

By contesting the registration with CIS, you can try to shorten the statute of limitations for insurance fraud. If you are of the opinion that the registration is wrongful or incorrect, this is one of the possibilities. In some cases, engaging a lawyer immediately is the right thing to do, as registration as a fraudster can have nasty consequences for both current and future insurance policies. In the worst case scenario, criminal sanctions could be imposed on you, namely in the event that an insurer decides to report fraud.

Still insured through Alpina

If you are in the unfortunate situation of having an insurance fraud registration, you can still purchase insurance from De Vereende through Alpina. To do so, use our online comparison tool which, after entering your personal data, will give you an indication of your future monthly premium. De Vereende will calculate your final premium after sending the application.

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