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Why take out legal expenses insurance as an individual?

Of course you hope not, but even as a private person you can end up in a legal conflict. With a legal expenses insurance you insure yourself against (sometimes sky-high) legal costs. We tell you why it may be wise, especially as a private individual, to take out legal assistance insurance .

Legal assistance in different areas of law

Legal expenses insurance is not compulsory in the Netherlands and is therefore usually forgotten when taking out insurance. It is often only thought of when one actually gets involved in a legal conflict, but by then it is actually too late. There are countless examples of situations in which legal expenses insurance for private individuals can be very useful. Legal expenses insurance offers legal assistance in the event of conflicts in various areas of law. Whether it is a conflict between private persons (such as a neighbourhood dispute), a conflict between a private person and an organisation (such as an unlawful dismissal) or a conflict between a private person and the government. With a legal assistance insurance you do not have to solve the dispute yourself, but the insurer takes the matter out of your hands.

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Small monthly investment

Legal expenses insurance is not the cheapest insurance for an individual. The costs depend on the number of modules you select. Do you want to be insured extensively? Then the costs can mount up considerably. Nevertheless, the possible legal costs that you avoid with a legal assistance insurance are much higher than the monthly costs of the insurance premium. You should actually see it as a small monthly investment. In the unlikely event of a conflict, legal expenses insurance saves you a lot of money. It is well worth the investment. That is why it may be wise for private individuals to take out legal expenses insurance.

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Common conflicts among private individuals.

In everyday life, all kinds of conflicts can arise. Think, for example, of a neighbourly dispute, a work conflict or a conflict in the purchase or sale of a house. We present a number of common legal conflicts.

Traffic accident

A conflict due to a traffic accident is very common. For example, you can be hit by a bike, as a pedestrian or as the driver of a car or moped. A conflict can then arise about who is the guilty party. With a legal assistance insurance you get legal help in defending your innocence and in holding the other party liable. Your insurer will also help you recover damages from the other party.

Conflict with employer

It can always happen that you are in conflict with your employer. For example, you may disagree with the reason for your dismissal, there may be contractual problems or a conflict about maternity leave or pension. Also, a disagreement about the amount of your benefit with the UWV may arise. In case of an employment conflict, your insurer will help you to solve the disputes. It is nice not to be alone, because sometimes it can be quite difficult to face your employer in a conflict. For a private individual, a legal assistance insurance offers a solution.


Of course, a divorce is never pleasant. It often involves a lot of grief and sometimes anger. This can easily result in a conflict, for example concerning children, the house, savings and other possessions. Divorce is excluded from most legal assistance insurances, because it concerns a dispute between two insured parties on the same policy. In some cases mediation is also insured. Mediation is a form of mediation by an independent third party, to help you and your partner reach an agreement. The mediator looks at the wishes and feelings of both parties and helps them when things get stuck. This often prevents a lot of frustration and arguments.

Conflict with neighbours

Neighbourly disputes can sometimes run high. The television programme De Rijdende Rechter proves this. Although a bit of neighbour drama is fun when you are sitting in front of the television, it is less fun when it happens to you. There are countless situations in which a conflict between neighbours can arise. For example, they can argue about the property boundary, overhanging vegetation, the right of way, noise nuisance, the placing of a hedge or shed, building damage or a conflict about renovation plans. If the conflict has been going on for some time or if emotions are running high, it can be difficult to find a solution together. A legal assistance insurance offers the solution.

Take out legal expenses insurance as a private individual

Have you decided after reading this article that you would like to take out legal expenses insurance? No problem, you can do that directly via our website! We are happy to help you take out the right legal expenses insurance. Before you take out legal expenses insurance, it is important that you think about the things that you would like to be insured for. Based on this, you can decide which modules to take out. You can choose from four modules, namely:

Once you know which modules you want to take out, you can easily compare different insurers via our online comparison tool. Have you composed your legal expenses insurance according to your wishes? Then you can take out the insurance quickly and easily. Do you still have a question? Then we will be pleased to help you. Call us at telephone number 088 - 6883700 or send us a message via e-mail, WhatsApp or Messenger.

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