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Does liability insurance cover damage caused abroad?

You have taken out liability insurance so that you are well insured for damage that you cause accidentally. But what about damage caused abroad? Are you also insured when you travel abroad? Or do you need to take out a separate insurance policy? We explain it to you.

Third-party insurance abroad

Third-party insurance abroad

If you are abroad with your car, motorbike or scooter, it is also important to be covered for damage. Most third-party insurances also cover damage abroad. However, there are often extra conditions or exceptions. On the green card that you receive when taking out a car insurance policy, you can find the countries in which third party cover is valid. It is also possible that the amounts that are compensated are different. Are you going on holiday with your vehicle? Always check with your insurance company.


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Is abroad covered with my liability insurance?

With most liability insurances in the Netherlands, foreign countries are automatically included. It is therefore not necessary to take out a separate insurance when you go abroad. In most cases, you are just as insured with liability insurance as you are in the Netherlands. Damage caused abroad is in principle covered by your liability insurance. Most insurers will compensate the damage within Europe and beyond, but the amounts may differ. Also, there are sometimes different conditions and exceptions abroad. There can be big differences between the various insurers. It is therefore advisable to always check your policy before you leave to find out about cover abroad.

Coverage abroad

An accident is often in a small corner. Even on holiday, you may find yourself in situations where you are held responsible for damage. Both damage caused to other people's belongings and damage to persons. Especially in case of personal injury, the amounts can quickly mount up. A liability insurance is therefore indispensable. Your children, partner and pets are also insured abroad, when you have taken out a third-party insurance with family coverage.

Covering your stay

In principle, liability insurance in the Netherlands does not cover damage to rented property. But in foreign countries there are sometimes exceptions to this. If you accidentally cause damage to your holiday home, this is usually covered by a liability insurance. Do you have doubts about your insurance? Always check your policy conditions before departure.

Cover abroad during your studies or internship

If you have opted for family cover, your children living at home and those leaving to study are often also insured on your policy. However, will your child be studying abroad or doing an internship for a longer period of time? Then it is important to find out to what extent your liability insurance provides cover.


There are many different providers of liability insurance. Which one you choose depends on various factors, such as the desired coverage, for example. But also pay close attention to the conditions. These can differ considerably between insurers. Therefore, you should not only compare the amount of the premium, but also the policy conditions. This way, you can choose the liability insurance that best suits your personal situation.

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