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What does moped insurance cost?

Before you buy moped insurance, you probably want to know what the cost will be. Whether you have a very new or a used moped, in case of damage and theft, of course you want to be well insured. Especially if you use the moped daily, for example for commuting. What moped insurance costs depends on a number of factors. On we list all costs for you and give you some calculations for different coverages.

Want moped insurance? Calculate your premium!

what does moped insurance cost

What does moped insurance cost per month?

Are you wondering what a moped insurance costs per month? The amount of the final premium depends on a number of factors:

  • Your age
  • Your postal code
  • The coverage you choose
  • The number of claim-free years you have accumulated

Want moped insurance? Calculate your premium!

Of course, you can't change your age or where you live. So why does it play a part in determining the premium? Young drivers generally carry more risk than older, more experienced drivers. Insurers notice that young drivers are more prone to damage. Therefore, younger drivers pay higher premiums. Maybe your son or daughter drives a moped and you, as a parent, decide to put the moped insurance in your name to save on costs. Unfortunately, this can be very disadvantageous. You will have to register your son or daughter as the youngest driver. If you do not do this and damage occurs, this can cause major problems with the insurer.

Your place of residence plays a role, because theft and vandalism are proportionally more common in a big city than in the countryside. If you live in the Randstad, you will probably pay a slightly higher premium for your moped insurance. Finally, your claim-free years also play a role. The more claim-free years you have built up, the more discount you will receive on your premium. In many cases it is also possible to use the claim-free years from another vehicle for your moped insurance.

Costs WA moped insurance

One of the most important factors when calculating the premium is the type of coverage you choose. In the Netherlands you are obliged to take out at least a third-party insurance for your moped. This is the basic coverage. It insures you for any damage you cause to others with your moped. It does not cover damage to your own moped. Because the coverage of a WA moped insurance is limited, this is also the cheapest insurance. To give you an idea of the costs of the MTPL insurance we have calculated the premium for two different situations.

* This is an indicative premium. Premiums include insurance tax and a recurring service charge.
Type of moped Moped up to 25km Moped up to 45km
Use Private Private
Cover Third-party cover Third-party cover
Age of driver 25 41
Postcode 3401 CN (IJsselstein) 9401 AZ (Assen)
Claim-free years 3 11
Insurer A.S.R. Advantage Package Unigarant
Premium per month €7,37 €4,32

Costs of all-risk moped insurance

If you prefer to be slightly more extensively insured, you can also choose a WA + Theft and Fire or a WA + Theft, Fire and Collision coverage, also called an all-risk coverage. With TPL + Theft and Fire insurance you are also insured for damage caused by theft and fire. The premium differences between TPL and TPL + Theft and Fire are often not very large. All-risk (WA + Theft, Fire and Collision), however, is a different story. This is the most comprehensive insurance, and therefore the most expensive. Damage to your motorcycle due to your own fault is therefore insured. To give you an idea of the cost of All-risk moped insurance, we have calculated the premium for two different situations.

* This is an indicative premium. Premiums include insurance tax and a recurring service charge.
Type of moped Moped up to 25km Moped up to 45km
Use Private Private
Cover WA + Theft, Fire and Accident WA + Theft, Fire and Accident
Age of driver 18 30
Postcode 1187 RH (Amstelveen) 3925 EE (Scherpenzeel)
Claim-free years 0 7
Catalogue value €900 €1800
Insurer Unigarant A.S.R. Advantage Package
Premium per month €96,67 €10,53

Take out moped insurance directly through Alpina

Don't know where to start when finding moped insurance? Then start comparing! At Alpina\.nl, we have a handy comparison tool that allows you to easily compare different moped insurance policies. This allows you to instantly calculate the cost of your moped insurance. If you have found the right insurance by comparing, you can take out your insurance directly online. Do you still have questions? Then be sure to contact us! Our insurance specialists are ready to answer all your questions.

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