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A star in the windshield; now what?

Jan 11, 2024
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It can happen in a second. A pebble flies against your windshield and causes a star. There's often nothing you can do about that. It is important to have the window repaired quickly. A small hole can crack further. Then often the whole window has to be replaced. Moreover, a car with a damaged window does not pass the periodic inspection (apk).

Fast, easy and expensive

You often see advertisements coming by of parties offering to repair star windows quickly and easily. This is very convenient, of course, but not always the cheapest option. Such repairs are not always covered by insurance.

Many auto insurance companies have established agreements with repair shops. Repairs are reimbursed only if these specific companies perform the work. If you have the window fixed at another company, the insurance company will not pay out or a deductible will apply.

Is my windshield damage insured?

Windscreen damage coverage varies by insurance type. If you have third-party insurance, you will have to pay for the damage to your windshield. This insurance only pays for damage you cause to other road users.

If you have third-party insurance with limited or full body, then windshield damage is usually covered. The repair does not affect your claim-free years, so your premium remains the same.

Danielle Bekkers

Own risk

"The repair of your car window is therefore covered by many insurance policies. If it is no longer possible to fix the window and it must be replaced, a deductible may apply. This is why it is extra important to get there in time if you see a star. Many insurers do offer a discount on the deductible if you choose an affiliated repair shop."

Danielle Bekkers
Claims handler at Alpina Roerdalen

Report damage

Do you have damage to your car window? Then always contact us. Then together we will see what is an appropriate way to repair the damage as quickly as possible. Do you have other questions about your car insurance? Feel free to let us know. We are happy to help you.

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