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RVing is popular - Which insurance do you choose?

Aug 17, 2018
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Going on vacation with a camper is increasing in popularity. Five years ago there were 77,000 RVs driving in the Netherlands. Today there are 38,000 more. Choose the right RV insurance because damage can easily happen to you.

The popularity of the motorhome can also be seen in the number of requests for help at the SOS international emergency center. In 2017, they received 1,800 calls regarding a camper van. The number of requests for help is expected to double in 2018. Calculated over a five-year period, it is about triple the number of reports. Most of the time it is about breakdowns, namely in 80% of the cases. But the emergency center can also be called in case of accidents.

Hit the road with a well-maintained RV

Vacationers who take their campervan on the road often cover a lot of miles in a few days. After a long period of downtime, this can put quite a strain on the motorhome. So always make sure you have the vehicle checked just before you leave. Tires with just enough tread will not allow you to drive a few thousand kilometers in the coming weeks. The same, of course, applies to other parts of the vehicle. Having to go to a garage en route is not desirable. With a bit of bad luck, you won't be able to use the camper for a few days.

Choose the right insurance

A camper van is expensive to purchase. An accident can damage the camper van to such an extent that repairing the damage is not economical. With only the obligatory third-party liability insurance, the insurance company will not pay for your own damage to the camper van. You may be able to recover damages from the other party, but if that is not possible for any reason, you will have to pay for the repairs yourself. Preferably choose one of the following two forms of insurance.

WA + Limited Casco

This insurance pays for damage to your motorhome if it is caused by one of the insured causes. In the case of damage caused by a collision, this insurance does not pay for the damage to your motorhome. For example, it does if the damage is caused by:

  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Fire
  • Storm
  • Hail

In particular, damage from storms and hail is increasingly common due to climate change.

WA + Full Casco

This form of insurance covers the damages that WA + limited casco also covers plus damages caused, for example, by collision or vandalism. If your motorhome is damaged in a collision, the insurer will pay the repair costs. If repair is not possible and also in case of theft, you will be paid the value of the vehicle. Of course, this is the most expensive form of insurance, but it also offers you the best protection.

Want good insurance for your RV, but don't want to pay too much? Go to to calculate the premium for the best-fit RV insurance.

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