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What driver's license do I need for an RV?

Sep 19, 2019
3 min reading time

A car driving license is required to drive a motorhome. For motorhomes with a maximum weight of up to 3500 pounds and up to 8 people, a B or BE driving license is sufficient. The weight is the total of the motorhome, load and weight of the occupants. Drivers of heavier motorhomes up to 7500 kilos must hold a C or C1 truck driving license. For motorhomes with more than 8 seats plus driver, a driver's license D or D1 is required.

Is a trailer behind an RV allowed?

It is permitted to hitch a trailer behind the motorhome. For this, the same rules apply as for a passenger car with a trailer. With a driving license BE, a trailer is allowed with a total maximum weight of 750 kilos. It is important that the weight of the trailer and load will not be added to the total weight of 3500 kilos. For holders of the BE driver's license issued before Jan. 19, 2013, different rules apply. These drivers may use any trailer without weight restrictions.

Do I need an international driver's license for an RV abroad?

For most European destinations, a driving license BE is sufficient to drive a motorhome without an international driver's license. If you are traveling to Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa or Cuba, an international driver's license is required. For America it is not mandatory, but can be very useful if you do not speak the English language sufficiently. Through the website of the ANWB you can see per country whether the international driving license is mandatory or not. The international driving license is easy to obtain through ANWB stores and costs only €18.95. The store will issue the driving license immediately. It is also important to note that some countries have a minimum age of 21 before driving a motorhome. Avoid unpleasant surprises and find out before the trip if this is the case in the country of destination.

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Can I get my motorhome driving license C1 in 1 day?

Driving schools offer the opportunity to get your C driver's license within 1 day. There are individual learning courses or a duo driving course with two students. Before starting the course, the driving school will assess whether the basic skills are sufficient to obtain the driving license on an accelerated basis. Alternatively, there are courses of 2 or 3 days, followed by the exam. In all cases, the student must have passed the two theory exams beforehand. These are the exams RV 1 (light - traffic and technology) and RV 2C (administration). For home study, books and training courses can be accessed via the Internet.

What are the costs for a motorhome driver's license C1?

Prices for a C1 driver's license course vary from provider to provider and depend on the content of the package. Assess in advance which package best suits your own situation. A C1 course of 1 day with 6 hours of practical lessons and the CCV practical exam can be found around € 679. For the same package, but with 10 practical hours, the price is around € 915.

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