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Claiming damage on caravan insurance - what's involved?

May 28, 2018
3 min reading time

Damage to the caravan often happens to you during the vacations. This is not surprising, since the caravan is then used intensively. How do you report damage to the caravan insurance and what can you expect from the insurer?

When caravan damage occurs, speed is important. After all, the damage must be settled as quickly as possible. Insurers provide an emergency number that can also be used abroad. The first priority of the emergency center is to limit further damage and get you back on the road. They do this by calling in a local repairman. If repair is no longer possible, another solution must be sought immediately. Step one is to report the damage to the insurer.

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Caravan insurance - How do you file a claim?

In case of damage or theft, it is best to call the caravan insurance as soon as possible. This can be done by phone. Insurers often provide you with a phone number starting with +31. You can call this number day and night, even from abroad. So you don't have to take office hours into account. Reporting the damage immediately is important to prevent further damage. They will show you the way. Also, take pictures of the situation and the damage right away. This can be important for a payment from the caravan insurance.

Can you get the damage repaired right away?

Do not take action on your own initiative. Always consult the insurer's emergency center first. In this way you will avoid a situation where no payment follows because the insurer has not given its approval. Only after the insurer's approval can you proceed to repair the damage.

Report missing or stolen items

Reporting theft or loss to the police is mandatory. Be sure to get proof of this (official report). Also report it as soon as possible to the insurer with whom you have caravan insurance. Prompt reporting increases the chances of recovering the caravan.

The insurer may hire another claims adjuster

Especially for costly damages, insurers hire an expert. This assesses the value of the caravan. The insurer will also estimate the amount of the damage. The surveyor may also look at how the damage occurred. This can be important in connection with the conditions of the caravan insurance.

The insurer pays you or the claims adjuster from

Is the damage caused insured on the caravan insurance policy? Then a payment follows to yourself or to the damage repairer. Keep in mind the excess. This part remains for your own account. The caravan insurance policy states whether a deductible is due and how much.

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