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16 tips for winterizing your caravan or motorhome

Jul 28, 2020
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As summer draws to a close and autumn is already knocking on the door at times, many caravans and motorhomes are being stored again for the next season. An annual ritual here is preparing the caravan or motorhome for winter. Winterizing ensures that you can travel carefree next spring and summer. What exactly are the most important points of attention when preparing your caravan or camper for the winter? We list a number of points for you.

Stabling and winterizing

Preferably, caravans and RVs are housed in covered and dry storage to protect it from rain, snow, hail and storms. Do you have enough space at home to store the caravan or camper? Then you can also store it in your own yard when you use a caravan cover. Wherever you store the caravan or camper, it will need to be winterized regardless. A caravan and camper are prepared for winter almost identically, although there are some exceptions for campers. Below are the main points of interest.

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Keep the caravan or motorhome clean

  1. Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your caravan or motorhome. If necessary you can, polish your caravan or camper with wax. This will often make your caravan or motorhome look like new again and reduce the ability of dirt to adhere.
  2. Leave the windows of the caravan or motorhome ajar to encourage good air circulation
  3. Empty the refrigerator, clean it and leave it ajar as well
  4. Remove pillows and other bedding from the camper or caravan due to higher humidity
  5. Empty the water tank and rinse it clean
  6. Water pipes and submersible pump should be thoroughly blown through to make them water-free. Also the toilet flushing system!
  7. Inspect the bodywork for possible entrances and shortcuts for pests. Finally, check the bottom/mesh grilles for damage.
  8. Clean the rubbers of windows, doors and other hardware.
  9. To keep the rubbers of windows, doors and other hardware supple, you would do well to lubricate them with acid-free petroleum jelly or spray them with slilicone spray.

Technical aspects to watch out for

  1. Don't put off any service or repairs until next season
  2. Remove gas cylinders from the caravan or motorhome and store them in a safe place
  3. Remove the battery and charge it
  4. Remove all batteries from the caravan or motorhome, such as the clock
  5. Fragile equipment should always be stored at home (such as the TV)
  6. Do not put the camper on the handbrake, but put it in gear
  7. Fill the fuel tank completely
  8. Check the level of antifreeze fluid in the cooling system and replenish any deficiency

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