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Is buying a vintage car a good investment?

Aug 17, 2018
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After buying a new car, you lose part of the investment right away. In fact, when you sell the car, it yields much less. But what about a vintage car? Is investing in a vintage car a smart choice, or are there big risks involved?

You don't buy a vintage car for commuting. The cost per kilometer is often too high for that. It is primarily a hobby with which you can make money. Still, investing in a vintage car as a kind of investment is often not wise. What should you pay attention to when investing in a vintage car?

Not all cars increase in value with aging

Vintage cars get more expensive as they age, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Many factors play an important role in this. Not every 50-year-old car has a high value. Collectors collectively determine the value. Cars that are in high demand can be a good investment, but this also takes into account how large the supply is. A make or type may be good in the market, but possibly only special editions. So buy a vintage car selectively.

Restoring a vintage car often does not pay for itself

Buying a refurbisher and fully restoring it is a time-consuming job. But enthusiasts are happy to put time and energy into it. Refurbishing a car for sale probably doesn't pay off in euros, but it does pay off in satisfaction. So buying a vintage car cheaply and refurbishing it for sale probably won't matter.

Knowledge of business is crucial

Successful car investing requires in-depth knowledge. Actually, investing in this way can be compared to investing in stocks. You can go for the stocks in any company, but analysts with knowledge can make better informed investments. It is the same way with investing in an older vehicle. A lover of the classic Mercedes knows which type to buy and which not to buy. Also, a connoisseur is better informed about the details you should pay attention to when buying. So don't just buy a car as an investment.

Make no mistake about the cost of a vintage car

In terms of costs, of course, it does not stop at the purchase price. Above all, keep in mind the high maintenance costs. Of course, it remains just an old car with high maintenance costs. When replacing parts, you may have to import parts because garages do not stock these parts. Being able to maintain an older car yourself is definitely an advantage. With this, you can still reduce the cost somewhat. You can keep the cost of insuring the vintage car low. You can compare vintage car insurance at We can save you quite a bit of money this way.

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