Carefree vacation? Consider continuous cancellation insurance!

Jan. 11, 2023

Simone van Gool
Last updated: 20-01-2023

January and February are the months when most vacations are booked every year. Not surprisingly, because after the cozy December month, the dark winter months often fall (g)raw on us. The days are short and wet, and the sun is more often not seen than not. Especially in these months, people need something to look forward to. Are you going to book a vacation soon? Then consider continuous cancellation insurance. With continuous cancellation insurance you are insured if your trip unexpectedly cannot take place. At you can take out continuous cancellation insurance in combination with continuous travel insurance.

Get continuous cancellation insurance right away!

Why have cancellation insurance?

Imagine, you booked your vacation months ago. The plane tickets have been ordered, the accommodation has been chosen and your travel guide is already at the ready. In most cases, you just hop on a plane to enjoy your vacation without worry. Unfortunately, however, sometimes you have to cancel your trip due to an unexpected event, such as the death of a close family member, divorce or illness. With cancellation insurance, you will be reimbursed for the costs you have already incurred for your trip. Most insurers require you to take out cancellation insurance within 7 days of booking, otherwise your trip will not be covered. With continuous cancellation insurance you are insured throughout the year.

The benefits of continuous cancellation insurance

Instead of taking out separate cancellation insurance for each vacation, you can opt for continuous cancellation insurance. Continuous cancellation insurance has several advantages:

  • You are insured all year round. So not only your summer vacations, but also winter sports, city trips and weekends away are insured.
  • Do you go on vacation at least once a year and also sometimes go away for the weekend? Then you can easily save money with a continuous instead of a short-term cancellation insurance.
  • Even if you have to cut your trip short early you are insured
  • It saves hassle. You no longer have to think about cancellation insurance every time, so you can go on vacation worry-free