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Insurance against non-payment

The usefulness of debt collection insurance.

A client who doesn't pay his invoice: many self-employed people lie awake at night because of it. Why doesn't he pay? And how do you solve this neatly? After all, you desperately need the money yourself to pay your bills! Fortunately, legal expenses insurance also has collection coverage. That gives a lot of peace of mind. In this article you can read about the advantages of this insurance in the ZZP or SME package.

modified-collection policy

What is a direct debit cover?

If you take out legal expenses insurance with Alpina, you can include collection coverage. With this collection coverage, you outsource the collection of your outstanding invoices to your insurer. You can only do this when you are unable to do it yourself. The insurance company tries to get the bill paid, but also provides legal assistance when necessary. At Alpina, you can choose either Business Legal Assistance Insurance or Personal Legal Assistance Insurance.

What is insured?

  • You are assured of legal assistance in case of disagreement about the invoice or payment.
  • You will receive feasibility advice and an estimate of the costs if going to court is necessary.
  • You will be assisted free of charge in going to court if this is unavoidable.
  • You can access your file 24 hours a day.

Increase pressure on customer

"When I called in the debt collection agency, the invoice was paid immediately", we often hear our customers sigh. That is because this third independent party increases the pressure on the customer. They take over the whole process of reminders and payment arrangements from you. Often that is already sufficient to get the bill paid.

Maintain good customer relations

A late payment can ruin your relationship with your customer. Nobody benefits from this. You also want to continue doing business with this customer in the future. You also want the client to recommend your company to his network. This will only happen if the atmosphere remains good. The insurance takes over the collections from you so that you can continue to do your work.

Expensive court case

Fortunately, late payments rarely lead to a lawsuit. If it does, the costs add up quickly. Does it turn into a settlement? Even then you could use some advice, and that's not free either. For all these costs, you can call on your legal expenses insurance. This insurance is not mandatory, but for ZZP'ers and MKB'ers it is a very good choice. Calculate it yourself with Alpina's insurance check.

Calculate the premium for an insurance against non-payment immediately!

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