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What corona means for your business insurance

You cannot insure your company against corona, but you can make sure that your company is very well protected. You can do this by taking all the safety measures and having your insurances in order. We have listed the most important business insurances for you. This way you can check whether your insurances are still coronaproof.

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Adapt your business liability insurance to other activities

The business liability insurance (AVB) covers all damages your business causes to others. The premium also depends on the type of work your company does. It is therefore important to inform us of any changes in the nature of your activities. If you decide to make a radical change because of Corona, it is possible that your premium will be adjusted. Of course you don't want to pay too much, but you also don't want to be underinsured.

Temporary changes, or activities that are an extension of your business, are insured. For example, if you have a restaurant and now also deliver meals to your home, then you are simply insured with the business liability insurance for anything that you (oops!) knock over or damage at your customer's place.

You cannot use the AVB for damage suffered by the customer because you did not deliver an order on time due to corona. The AVB is only for damage to goods.

Always help with legal expenses insurance

With legal expenses insurance, your company is assured of legal assistance in the event of a legal dispute with customers, suppliers or employees. For example, if a customer suddenly cancels an order because of corona, you can challenge this decision without high costs and a lot of hassle.

If your company has to close down temporarily due to corona measures and you do not agree with this, then unfortunately you cannot make use of the legal assistance insurance. It is a legal measure that can be imposed by the government.

The premises insurance continues even if everyone works at home

Commercial property insurance insures your office, shop or business premises against damage from fire, storm, burglary or water. It is an important insurance because the costs of these damages are often very high. Even if your premises are temporarily not or hardly used, for example because your employees work at home, you continue to pay the premium for this. Of course, anything can happen when nobody is there.

High or low inventory is important for inventory and goods insurance

During a fire or storm, your inventory, machinery and stored raw materials and supplies can be severely damaged or completely destroyed. This insurance covers the damage but also the costs to limit the damage. Do you have less stock due to corona or do you have more? Then it is wise to contact us.

Absenteeism insurance, also with corona

Absenteeism insurance, also known as sickness absence insurance, insures your company against the continued payment of wages for sick employees. It does not matter what kind of illness someone has, so if someone is sick for a long time because of serious corona, this insurance is very convenient. Employees who stay home because of (obligatory) quarantine are not covered by this insurance. The absence insurance is the protection of your company.

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