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Insuring a new car: what's involved?

Need car insurance for a new car? Good idea. But what does it actually involve? Why is it so important to insure a new car? What types of insurance are there for a new car? How exactly is your premium calculated? In this article we explain the topic insuring a new car. This way you will be better prepared and you will be able to insure your new car in the right way.

What is the importance of insuring a new car?

Insurance for your new car is very important. Before you pick up your new car, make sure it is insured. As soon as the car is registered in your name, it has to be insured. Uninsured driving can not only result in a fine, but can cause even bigger financial problems. If you cause an accident with a car that is not insured, the financial consequences are incalculable.

It is nice to have a good car insurance. Especially when you have just bought a new car. A good car insurance for a new car not only has many advantages, it is also important. We have listed a number of points that underline the importance of having a good insurance.

  • New cars are often expensive. This means that it is nice to be as well covered as possible in case of damage (think of limited casco or even all-risk).
  • You have just bought a brand new car. You probably drive extra carefully. This is completely understandable. The good thing about good car insurance is that you have fewer worries. Is there any damage? Then you are covered for this in most cases.
  • You fulfil legal insurance obligations. Without car insurance you are not allowed to drive your new car. In fact, the car may not be on the road without insurance. This concerns third-party insurance.
  • With good car insurance, you can count on the best support. You have bought a new car. With the right insurer, you can count on smooth communication and support.
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What types of insurance for a new car?

There is no doubt that insuring a new car is important. But what kind of insurance do you take out? There are various options. We will discuss these options below.

Third-party car insurance

As mentioned earlier, it is a legal obligation to insure your car. This involves third-party liability (WA) insurance. With this insurance, you are covered for damage you cause to others. Read more about third-party insurance for cars here.

WA limited hull insurance for cars

This insurance is an additional arrangement to the third-party liability insurance. You now also cover a number of cases of damage to your own vehicle. This is highly recommended when insuring a new car. Read more about WA limited hull.

Car all-risk insurance

Do you want to hit the road with your new car feeling very safe? With the all-risk insurance your car is covered as completely as possible. This insurance is also called the full collision insurance (as opposed to the limited collision insurance). Want to read more? Click here.
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How much is your premium? Assessing risks in new car insurance

First of all, the top three insurance options mentioned affect your premium. For example, the premium for an all-risk insurance is more expensive than for a third-party insurance. In addition, the following items, among others, are considered when calculating the premium:

  • Your age. The premium for insuring a new car is higher when you are (considerably) younger. An 18-year-old who has just obtained his B driving licence will have to pay a higher premium.
  • The insurer has to assess risks when insuring your new car. How likely is it that you will make a claim? If you have a claim history, the premium will be higher. This is because the risk of insuring you is greater.
  • The type of vehicle. A brand new car is in most cases more expensive than a second-hand one. Do you also insure the car against theft? If so, expect a higher premium when insuring a new car. The risk of theft is greater.

Ultimately, the insurer always looks at the circumstances of the case when calculating a premium. How much is your premium? Calculate your premium at Alpina.

Accruing claim-free years and your car insurance premium how about that?

Did you know that it is possible to pay a lower premium over the years? When you insure your new car, it works to your advantage if you subsequently drive without claims. By building up claim-free years, the insurer gains 'more confidence' and the risk of insuring your car will be lower.

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I hope this article has given you a better idea of what to expect when insuring a new car. Do you still have questions after reading this article? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. Fill in our contact form or call us directly at +31 (0)88 - 688 3710. Our specialists will help you on your way. Of course, you can also calculate your premium for car insurance directly. That way, you will quickly know where you stand!

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