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Where can I register a car in my neighbourhood?

Have you recently purchased a new car? If so, you must first transfer the car's registration number to your name before you become its rightful owner. This may seem like a tedious job, but it's not that bad. In just a few minutes, the transfer is already taken care of. Moreover, there are often plenty of locations nearby where you can register a car. On Alpina\.nl we list the possibilities for you!

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register your car in your area

Registering a car in your area

You can transfer a car in several different ways. That means there is always a location near you. You can register your car at a license plate counter, RDW inspection station or PostNL location:

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You can also transfer your car at a number plate counter. There are more than 750 vehicle registration desks throughout the Netherlands, so there is always one in your area. A vehicle registration office is part of a RDW-recognised car company. That means that there are always experienced staff walking around. You will find a vehicle registration office in garages and car repair shops, for example. Here you can easily find a vehicle registration office in your area.

PostNL location

At many PostNL service points it is also possible to transfer a licence plate. They are also often open at the weekend and have longer opening hours. You will often find a PostNL service point in bookstores and supermarkets. Looking for a location near you? You will find all service points on the PostNL website.

Transfer car online

You can also transfer the car online. You are then not dependent on the opening hours of locations near you and can choose a time that suits you best. Online registration can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The online transfer of a car can be done via the RDW website. Make sure that you have first done the identity check on your mobile phone. Then you can follow the next steps:

  1. On the RDW website, press the 'Transfer vehicle' button. Here you can log in with your DigiD and transfer the vehicle. Make sure that you have the vehicle registration card and the registration code to hand.
  2. Pay the costs with iDeal
  3. You will then receive two e-mails from RDW. The first e-mail is a confirmation of receipt and the second is a final confirmation of the transfer. Only when you receive the second e-mail is the car transferred. From that moment on, you must also fulfil all the vehicle obligations, such as taking out car insurance.
  4. You will receive a third e-mail from RDW containing the link to the indemnification certificate and the registration report. You give the indemnification certificate to the seller and you keep the registration report. The registration report also contains the 1st part of the registration code.
  5. You will receive the vehicle registration certificate and the 2nd part of the registration code by post

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