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How can you transfer a car online?

Are you planning to buy a car or have you just purchased one? Then you need to transfer the license plate to your name. You can do this in several ways, such as at a license plate counter, RDW inspection station, RDW desk or PostNL location. You can also choose to transfer the car online. The advantage is that you are then not dependent on opening hours and can choose a time that suits you best. Online registration can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this article we explain how the online transfer of a car works and what you need.

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online car transfer

What do I need to transfer my car online?

When you have your car registered at the counter, you must show valid identification. This works differently for transferring a car online. You have to do a one-time identity check of your identification with the DigiD app. You do this with your cell phone. Your cell phone must be an Android smartphone with version 6.0 or higher or an IPhone model 7 or higher with iOS version 13. These particular models have an NFC chip reader, which can be used to perform the identity check. In addition, you will need the car's registration card and registration code for the online transfer.

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How can you transfer a car?

Transferring a car online can be done through the RDW website. Make sure you have first done the identity check on your mobile. Then you can follow the next steps:

  1. On the RDW website, press the "Transfer vehicle" button. Here you can log in with your DigiD and register the vehicle. Make sure you have the registration card and registration code to hand.
  2. Pays fees with iDeal.
  3. You will then receive two emails from the RDW. The first e-mail is a confirmation of receipt and the second is a final confirmation of the transfer. Only when you receive the second e-mail is the car transferred. From then on, you must also fulfill all vehicle obligations, such as obtaining car insurance.
  4.  You will receive a third e-mail from RDW containing the link to the indemnification certificate and the registration report. You give the indemnification certificate to the seller and you keep the registration report. The registration report also contains the 1st part of the registration code.
  5. By mail you will receive the registration certificate and the2nd part of the registration code.

What does it cost to transfer a car online?

The cost of transferring a car is always the same. So it doesn't matter whether you transfer the car online or at a registration desk. The only difference is that when you transfer a car online, you pay the cost via iDeal. The cost for transferring a car is €11.40 (January 2023).

Frequently asked questions surrounding transferring a car

Can you register a car in your name with Digid?

Yes, you can. When you want to transfer a car online you need Digid to identify yourself.

Is the reporting code the same as the Registration Code?

No, they are not the same. The registration code and the car's registration code are sometimes mixed up. Yet these two codes both serve different purposes. The registration code is needed when transferring, suspending, scrapping, exporting or trading in the car. The registration code is needed when buying car insurance. We explain the difference between the two here.

How do you get the release certificate when transferring online?

You get several emails when you transfer a car. The third email includes a link to the certificate of release and the registration report containing the 1st part of the registration code. The registration certificate is for yourself. You can download and print the release certificate and then give it to the seller.

Who pays the cost of transferring a car?

In practice, this will be the license plate holder/owner of the car. He or she must apply for everything online and therefore also take care of payment. Buyer and seller are of course free to agree on this.

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