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What about the insurance when transferring a car?

When transferring a car into your name, think about the car insurance. You may think "we can still do that", but it can cost you dearly. Causing an accident can make you bankrupt in one fell swoop.

Getting car insurance is a matter of entering a license plate number online and answering a few questions. You don't have to look up any tricky questions about the car, because a lot of information can already be found out from the license plate number. The registration code consists of the last four digits of the chassis number. You can find this on the registration report you get from the seller. The code is also on the registration card. This blog is about the car, but also applies to insuring other motor vehicles. The penalty amounts may differ, though.

Not insuring the car immediately has consequences

Forgetting to insure can result in a high fine. The financial consequences are much greater if you cause an accident with the uninsured car. Especially if you cause injury or if the victim dies from the injuries. The fine is €550. You may not receive a fine immediately, but first a warning. If you cause damage, the financial consequences can be limited to a few thousand euros in the case of minor injuries. In the case of injury, the cost of the damage can amount to hundreds of thousands of euros. You may continue to pay for not insuring your car throughout your life.

transfer the car into your name and insure it immediately

Registering and insuring a car

If you buy a car, it is important that it is insured on time. This is because there is an insurance obligation in the Netherlands. As soon as the license plate of the car is transferred into your name, you have to take out car insurance. It is wise to take out car insurance as soon as the car is registered in your name. This way you can hit the road with the car right away. Without car insurance you are not allowed to drive the car. For driving an uninsured car you can get a hefty fine. Moreover, damage you cause with an uninsured car is not covered. In that case, you will be responsible for all costs.

Car insurance? Calculate your premium!

Still insuring the car

As soon as you find out that your car is not insured, you should take action. Insurers are not prepared to insure your car retrospectively. They do not want to insure you, even though you may have already caused damage with the car. Insurers are also not prepared to give you a statement in order to avoid a fine. The only thing you can do is insure the car as soon as possible.

What to do in case of an unjustified fine?

If the insurer forgets to register your license plate, you may also receive a fine. This can also happen due to a malfunction in the registration process at the insurer or RDW. In that case, you can avoid the fine by requesting a statement from the insurer. This is a so-called article 34 statement. With this statement, the fine is revoked. The insurer sends the letter and solves the problem.

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