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Where can I register a car?

You can transfer your car in a number of ways: online or through a registration desk, RDW counter, RDW inspection station or PostNL location. If you are going to transfer the car online, make sure you have done an identity check of your ID via the DigiD app. Also make sure you have the complete vehicle registration certificate to hand. You will always need this wherever you are going to transfer the car.

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where to register your car

Transferring the car via the vehicle registration office, RDW testing station, RDW desk or PostNL location

  1. Go to a vehicle registration office, RDW desk, RDW testing station or PostNL location
  2. Make sure you have the vehicle registration card and the registration code OR the original registration certificate (part 1B) and the transfer certificate with you. Also bring a valid proof of identity
  3. The desk clerk will give you a registration report containing the first four digits of the registration code and the certificate of release from liability. You should give the certificate of release to the seller.
  4. The next working day RDW sends you the new registration certificate and the2nd part of the registration code by post

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Transfer car online

The online transfer can be done via the RDW website. Make sure that you have first done the identity check on your mobile phone. Then you can follow the next steps:

  1. On the RDW website, press the 'Transfer vehicle' button. Here you can log in with your DigiD and transfer the vehicle. Make sure that you have the vehicle registration card and the registration code to hand.
  2. Pay the costs with iDeal
  3. You will then receive two e-mails from RDW. The first e-mail is a confirmation of receipt and the second is a final confirmation of the transfer. Only when you receive the second e-mail is the car transferred. From that moment on, you must also fulfil all the vehicle obligations, such as taking out car insurance.
  4. You will receive a third e-mail from RDW containing the link to the release certificate and the registration report. You give the certificate of release to the seller and you keep the registration report. Thefirst part of the registration codeis also mentioned on the registration report.
  5. You will receive the vehicle registration certificate and the2nd part of the registration code by post

Transferring your car? Think about your car insurance!

Once the car is transferred, you must fulfill vehicle obligations. This includes obtaining car insurance. Without car insurance, you are not allowed to drive your car on the road. Moreover, you risk a fine if your car remains uninsured for too long. Therefore, arrange this as soon as possible. In the Netherlands it is a legal obligation to have at least third-party car insurance. This insures you for damage you cause to another person. You can also opt for more extensive WA+ coverage, so that you are also insured for damage caused by fire and storm, among other things. Finally, there is the most extensive coverage, All-risk. With this you are insured for all damages, even if you caused them yourself.

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