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Continuing to drive after a collision with an animal: what about the insurance?

Thousands of animal collisions occur each year. An animal suddenly crossing the road can cause significant damage to your car. Some people reflexively swerve. This can create dangerous situations and can also affect the company's claim settlement. Who pays for the damage also depends on your car insurance policy and whether it is a pet or a wild animal.


Damage caused by pets

If you have damage to your vehicle caused by a suddenly crossing pet, the owner of the pet is liable. He or she will have to compensate for the damage incurred. The damage can then be recovered from his or her liability insurance.

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Damage by wild animal

Animals living in the wild do not have an owner. Therefore, no one can be held liable for any damage incurred after a collision. When you have a WA + limited casco insurance or a WA + casco insurance, the damage to your car will be compensated. It is important to take pictures of the damage and of the animal immediately, so that you can prove that there has been a collision with an animal. With only WA insurance you are not insured for this.

Some people reflexively swerve to avoid a crossing animal. The animal may be spared, but this can lead to dangerous situations. If you swerve to avoid an animal and incur damage, you are not insured with WA + limited hull insurance. You will not be able to prove that you swerved to avoid an animal. In this way, insurance companies try to prevent fraud. You are only insured when you have All Risk car insurance, but you will drop on the bonus/malus-ladder.

Preventing a collision

You can take the following measures to minimise the risk of a collision with an animal:

  • Observe the warning signs
  • Adjust your speed in forested areas, especially at dusk and in the dark
  • Look far ahead and keep an eye on the roadsides
  • Do not try to swerve; the injuries you may suffer if you hit an oncoming car or a tree are often greater than those you suffer if you hit the animal

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