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How can you prove claim-free years?

The proof of claim-free years can be done in different ways:

1. Roy-data system

When you have taken out a car insurance policy after 1 September 2007, you will find all your accumulated claim-free years in the Roy Data system. This system is a central database in which all insurers in the Netherlands keep their claims data. When you take out a new car insurance, the insurer will check your data in this system.

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2. Cancellation declaration

Your insurer will send you a statement after you have cancelled your car insurance. This statement states how many claim-free years you have built up during the term of your insurance policy. The claim-free years are also placed in the Roy-Data database, where an insurer can find your claim-free years in case of a new application.

The claim-free years remain here unused for 3 years, then they expire.

3. Lease statement

If you have used a lease car, the lease company can provide a lease statement . This statement explains any damage to your lease car. Most insurance companies accept the lease statement, because lease companies generally register damages well.

4. Employer's declaration

Insurers do not always approve an employer's statement. It is important that you were the only driver of the car. Ask your employer for a statement from the insurer of the car. Your new insurer is allowed to decide whether he approves the employer's statement.

Claim-free years transferable since 1-1-2022

Since 1 January 2022, claim-free years are transferable in certain situations. In case of death for example, they can be transferred to the surviving partner. Also for lease drivers and drivers who have lived abroad for years, it is now possible to transfer the claim-free years. This way, they do not lose their accumulated claim-free years. In our blogpost you can read more about this new regulation.

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