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Claim-free years and a company car: what about it?

Claim-free years are personal. You only accrue them when you have car insurance in your name. If you have a company car, the car insurance is usually in the name of your employer or lease company. So in theory, you don't actually build up any claim-free years because the car insurance is not in your name. If you buy your own car after years of driving a company car, you will have to buy your own car insurance. It would be a shame if you could not use the accumulated non-life years in your company car. That is why you can apply for a lease statement.

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claim-free years for company cars

Why are claim-free years important for a company car?

Having or not having claim-free years makes a big difference. By driving claim-free, you can build up a 70 to 80 percent discount with most insurers. Not claiming any damage during the insurance year on your car insurance policy entitles you to one claim-free year. When you claim damage, you lose claim-free years. In principle, the person in whose name the car insurance policy is registered is the owner of the claim-free years.

During the time you drive a company car, you probably don't really care. However, you may well buy your own car again after a number of years and purchase car insurance. In that case, claim-free years are very important.

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Lease statement

Leasing companies can issue a so-called lease statement after the car is returned. This states how many years the car has been driven and how many damages have been caused. With lease cars, it is customary to claim all damages, including minor damages. Because of this, the lease statement often falls short for a lease driver. With a lease statement, you can prove that you drove damage-free during the lease period. On this basis, some insurers grant claim-free years, and some only a premium discount, which you do lose when switching. From January 1, 2022, however, there will be a uniform policy.

Claim-free years transferable as of 1-1-2022

As of 1-1-2022, a lease statement allows you to have pure claim-free years entered into Roy-Data by the insurer. At the moment, insurers still vary in their handling of this. Although most insurers simply grant claim-free years on the basis of a lease statement, there are also some that only give a premium discount. This is disadvantageous for the policyholder, because it makes it impossible to transfer to another company, as the premium discount is lost. The change will soon apply to all insurers affiliated with the Insurers' Association.

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