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What should I do if I have negative claim-free years in my name?

Claim-free years entitle you to a discount on the car insurance. By claiming damages you can also have negative claim-free years in your name. What are the consequences and how do you get rid of them?

The most important factor which determines the premium for car insurance is the number of years without claims. You can get a discount on the premium of 75%, for example, but by claiming non-recoverable damage you can also get a surcharge of 25% on the premium. That makes a big difference to your wallet.

How do you get negative claim-free years?

It is not only accident drivers who get negative claim-free years. It can happen to anyone. Insured persons who have only just received their driving licence can, with one claim, get negative years in their name. This is also called malus registration. Normally, one claim costs you 5 claim-free years. Have you only accumulated 2 years? Then after one claim you will have -3 years, which may lead to an increase in the premium instead of a discount.

No-name years

What are the consequences of negative claim-free years?

Car insurance premiums often end up higher when a claim is made, but the consequences can be even greater. An insurer may deny you car insurance. Not all insurers will do that, but it happens. Insurers do want to hear the story behind the malus registration. If you have claimed three or more claims in two years, then insuring your car becomes a difficult story. Insurers prefer not to have insureds on the books who claim a lot of claims.
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Negative claim-free years are recorded

Claim-free years seem easy to circumvent. You take out a new car insurance policy and don't mention it again. Insurers have also thought about this. It is undesirable for a driver with a bad claim history to be able to start again from zero. When you take out an insurance policy, you are asked about your claim history. Concealment can be costly and is certainly not advisable. Insurers record claim-free years in a system that they can consult. This is the so-called Roy-Data system. When a car insurance is terminated, the number of years is entered into the system. The new insurer can therefore see if there is a malus registration.

What if you really cannot insure your car?

You are obliged to take out at least a third-party car insurance. If insurers refuse you because you have claimed too many damages, you have a problem. You have to take out insurance. We have the solution for you. At, you can insure your car. Via this website, we take out insurance for risks that are difficult to insure. In addition to a malus registration, these risks may include a criminal record, termination of insurance due to non-payment and using a car as a taxi.

Claim-free years transferable since 1-1-2022

Since 1 January 2022, claim-free years are transferable in certain situations. In case of death for example, they can be transferred to the surviving partner. Also for lease drivers and drivers who have lived abroad for years, it is now possible to transfer the claim-free years. This way, they do not lose their accumulated claim-free years. In our blogpost you can read more about this new regulation.

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