How long do negative claim-free years remain?

Damage-free years are linked to your car insurance. Canceling your car insurance does not get you rid of your negative claim-free years. Switching to another car insurance policy is also not a solution. Damage-free years are recorded in a central database for insurers called Roy-Data. When switching to another insurance company, the new insurer will request your data in Roy-Data. Thus, the new insurer will also see your negative claim-free years. You can get rid of your negative claim-free years by rebuilding your claim-free years. This is not fast, because you lose five years with one claim. After five years of damage-free driving, you will have erased the effect of one claim.

When do negative claim-free years expire?

Negative claim-free years usually remain for three years. There are some insurers who allow them to remain for four or five years. It is important that the claim-free years may not have been used during the entire period. Just like negative claim-free years, positive claim-free years also expire when not linked to a car insurance. These usually expire after three years.

How do you get rid of negative claim-free years?

Cancelling your car insurance and switching to another insurer does not free you from the accumulated negative claim-free years. Your claim-free years are registered in a central database in which insurers register the years. When ending a car insurance, the next insurer can find the negative claim-free years based on your name and date of birth. You can get rid of them by building up claim-free years again. Unfortunately, this is not a quick process. In the event of an accident you will lose 5 years in one go. You must therefore drive for five years without claims in order to erase the effects of one claim.

Can I still insure myself with negative claim-free years?

If you have negative years, not all insurers will provide you with car insurance. Which of them you can and cannot get is not the same in all cases. Different factors can play a role in this. To compare car insurances you can use This website determines whether you can still get coverage from a regular insurer. If that is not possible, you can insure your car with De Vereende. This insurer is specialised in risks that are difficult to insure. You can also fall under this category if you have built up negative claim-free years.

You can also use if you have difficulty getting car insurance for other reasons. This can be for example if you have a criminal record, if your insurance is cancelled due to non-payment or if you have been disqualified from driving.

Even with negative claim-free years, you can often save on car insurance. Compare your current premium with the premium charged by other insurers.

Claim-free years in the minus?

Negative claim-free years are also called minus years. You get minus claim-free years if you lose more claim-free years than you have accumulated. This happens, for example, when you make several claims in a short period of time or when you are a novice driver. Damage-free years in the minus result in a premium surcharge instead of a premium discount. You will pay more for your car insurance. Damage-free years are linked to your car insurance. Unfortunately, canceling your car insurance does not get you rid of negative claim-free years.

Negative claim-free years when do they expire?

Claim-free years have an expiration date. This also applies to negative claim-free years. Damage-free years are registered in Roy-data as soon as the car insurance is terminated. As long as you do not take out a new car insurance policy, they remain in the system. Damage-free years, both positive and negative, remain in the system for 3 years before they expire. Do you have a malus registration? Then it expires when you have not taken out a car insurance policy in your name for 3 years. Of course, during this period you are therefore not allowed to drive a car.

Should I insure a car with minus claim-free years?

You are required to have at least third-party insurance for your car. However, insurers are not required to accept your insurance application. Do you have negative claim-free years? Then insurers may refuse your application. They think you pose too great a risk. At Alpina, we always try to place you with a regular insurance company first. Is that not possible? Then you can always turn to insurance company de Vereende. De Vereende is specialized in insuring special risks. Because of this, you can also get a car insurance with negative damage-free years.

Is it possible to switch with negative claim-free years?

If you want to switch with negative claim-free years, it is important that you first check whether the new insurer will accept your application. This is because not every insurer will accept you as a policyholder when you have negative claim-free years. If you cancel your current car insurance too early and you are refused, your previous insurer may not take you back either. It is also wise to switch only when you have completed an entire claim-free year. This is because insurers only register whole claim-free years in Roy-data. This also applies to negative claim-free years.