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What does WA limited hull car insurance cover?

Limited hull is an addition to the compulsory WA car insurance. This coverage is also called mini hull. A number of causes of damage listed in the policy conditions are insured in this type of insurance. However, in case of a collision or vandalism there is no payment for the own damage.

Each company has a different name for this cover. Common names are:

  • WA - Extra
  • WA - Mini Casco
  • WA - Limited Casco

What cover does WA limited casco offer?

It is a combination of two forms of insurance, namely third-party liability and limited hull insurance. The WA part offers coverage for damage for which the driver of the car is liable. The limited hull part compensates for damage caused by a number of causes listed in the policy conditions. The exact coverage can differ per insurer, but in general it amounts to a compensation for the following causes:


Third-party liability (mandatory)

  • Free recovery service
  • Damage to others
  • Theft, joyriding and loss
  • Windscreen damage
  • Damage by fire or natural disaster
  • Own damage caused by a collision

Limited airframe

  • Free recovery service
  • Damage to others
  • Theft, joyriding and loss
  • Windscreen damage
  • Damage by fire or natural disaster
  • Own damage caused by a collision

All Risk (WA+Casco)

  • Free recovery service
  • Damage to others
  • Theft, joyriding and loss
  • Windscreen damage
  • Damage by fire or natural disaster
  • Own damage caused by a collision

Benefit is not deducted from the claim-free years

The premium you owe depends largely on the number of accumulated claim-free years. The discount can be as much as 85% with some insurers. In case of a claim on the insurance, the number of claim-free years drops. Damage insured under limited liability insurance is not deducted from the claim-free years. A claim on third-party and all-risk insurance does, but not on limited insurance. A broken window may cost you an excess, but the premium will not increase because of it.

When to choose WA limited casco?

For new and young cars, opt for all-risk insurance (WA casco). This coverage also covers damage to your own car in case of an accident. For old cars with little value, the third party liability insurance is the most logical choice. This type of insurance only pays out to the other party in case of damage caused by your fault. The WA limited casco is an intermediate form. This insurance is often chosen for cars between 6 and 10 years old. However, it is often recommended for cars older than 10 years. Especially if the car still has a high daily value.

Why is WA limited hull insurance recommended?

The third-party limited hull insurance is slightly more expensive than the third-party limited hull insurance. If you consider the higher premium against the additional coverage, the WA limited hull insurance is definitely recommended. Especially now that extreme weather conditions are becoming more common. A hailstorm with stones like ping-pong balls can turn your car into a pancake pan within a minute. The costs for dent repairs are not negligible. The repair costs are often higher than the current value of the car.

wa limited casco

In the event of an accident, no payment is made

Keep in mind that with limited casco the main cause of damage is not insured. In case of an accident, you will not be paid for the damage to your own car. If the damage can be recovered, you can do so via 112schade.nl. If you are blamed, you must pay for your own damages. This can amount to thousands of euros. Still opting for all-risk is worth considering.

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Other coverages

What supplementary insurances are there?

Some additional insurances are very useful. We will explain all supplementary insurances to you. That way, you can make an informed choice.

Advantages WA limited casco

The coverage of a WA limited casco is much broader. In a severe hailstorm, the damage can immediately run into thousands of euros. When you choose a form of insurance with limited coverage, you may have a premium advantage, but in case of damage it can actually cost you a lot of money.

A WA limited casco is often only slightly more expensive than the WA insurance and you get much more comprehensive coverage. The premium difference is especially small for car owners with many claim-free years. The discount can reach 75 percent or even higher. The discount makes the difference even smaller.

Weather conditions are becoming more severe due to climate change. As a result, your car can suffer enormous damage within seconds. In addition, the risk of theft is relatively high in the Netherlands. About 30,000 cars are stolen every year. You should not underestimate this risk. With a WA limited casco, these types of damage causes are insured.

Damages insured under limited casco do not affect the number of claim-free years. When it comes to hail or storm damage, for example, you don't have to take this on your own account to avoid a sharp premium increase. When a claim is made on the third-party part of the car insurance, it does cost you claim-free years.

What does WA limited casco cost?

The amount of the costs of the addition compared to the third-party cover also depends on the number of accrued years without claims and the value of your car. In a premium comparison, we can easily explain the price difference.

You are going to take out third-party motor insurance for an 8-year-old VW Golf. You have accumulated 6 claim-free years. The current value of the car is €6,990.

The cheapest third-party insurance is: €17.76 per month
The cheapest limited liability insurance is: €18,90 per month

In both cases, the cheapest car insurance is assumed. The cheapest insurer for third-party cover is not the same as the cheapest car insurance for third-party limited cover.

So if your car is too old for the comprehensive third-party hull insurance, you can switch to third-party cover, but first calculate what the more comprehensive third-party limited hull insurance will cost you.

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