What does the green card for your car mean?

When you purchase car insurance, you will receive a green card from your insurance company. With this green card you can prove that your car is insured. The green card shows the name of the insurance company and what coverage you have purchased. Every year you will receive a new green card from the insurance company.

What does the green card look like?

The green card is an international insurance certificate with which you can show that your car is insured. The advantage of a green card is that it has the same layout throughout Europe, which makes it easy to read for the police, for example, when you are abroad. The green card can take the form of a document or a pass.
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What is on the green card?

The Green Card contains various information. An important part is the green card number. You will need this number if you make a claim. You have to fill in the green card number on the claim form. The insurer also states on the green card in which countries the car insurance offers coverage. On the green card is also mentioned for which period and for which motor vehicle the coverage applies. On the green card the insurer usually states which authorities the insured can turn to in case of breakdown, accident, broken windows and theft, both at home and abroad. Even though the green card is not obligatory, it still serves its purpose well because all the insurance information is listed concisely and clearly.

Should you keep the green card in your car?

It is wise to have the green card with you at all times, but not advisable to keep it in the car, for example. Keep the green card with your driver's license, for example. This way you will always have it with you when you go out in your car. Have you lost the green card or has your car been stolen with the green card still in it? Then you can request a new card online free of charge.

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How long is the green card valid?

There is still some confusion about how long the green card is valid. In principle, the card is valid for one year. The date of validity is mentioned on the green card. Usually it states a validity of 13 months instead of 12 months. Every year, when renewing the insurance policy, the insurer will automatically send you a new green card. Because the renewal can be exactly at the moment that you are on holiday, we have chosen to extend the validity by one month. This prevents you from being abroad with an invalid green card.

In which countries am I insured with a green card?

The countries in which you are insured are also indicated on the green card. When you go abroad, your car is insured in the countries mentioned on your green card. Always check this before you leave, as it can differ from one insurer to another.

Is it compulsory to have a green card in the car?

Nowadays it is not a legal requirement to carry your green card, with the exception of unregistered vehicles such as tractors. However, it is advisable to always carry your green card for your car. In case of emergency or breakdown you will always have your insurance details and important phone numbers at hand.


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