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Lost my car's registration code: what should I do?

You lost your report code? To take out car insurance you need a report code. We explain below what to do if you can no longer find your report code.

What is the reporting code?

Your car's report code consists of the last 4 digits of your chassis number. For a motorcycle, scooter or quad, the report code consists of the last four digits of the frame number. The report code forms a unique link with the license plate. If you want to take out or cancel car insurance, the insurer needs the report code. When taking out or canceling car insurance, the insurer passes the report code on to RDW. Here the RDW can check whether a car meets the insurance requirements we have in the Netherlands. You must simultaneously pass on the report code and license plate number to the insurance company in order to have your vehicle registered as insured.

Lost report code, now what?

If you have lost your registration code, you can find it on your registration certificate part 1B or on the registration card. Don't have your registration certificate at hand? Then there are other ways to retrieve your registration code.

  • Your car's report code can be found under the hood or on the inside of the door.
  • You can also request the notification code from the RDW using your DigiD.
  • You can get the reporting code from the car dealer.


Reporting code car

When do you need the reporting code?

When comparing car insurance, you don't need your report code yet. You can already compare insurances and select the best car insurance for you. However, if you want to insure your car, you will need your report code. It is very important that you provide the correct report code. If you provide an incorrect code, the car cannot be registered with the RDW and your car will be registered as "uninsured.

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