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What is the registration code of a car

A car's report code is a unique four-digit code. The code is equal to the last 4 digits of your car's chassis number. An insurer needs the report code to register the car with the National Road Administration (RDW). Without a report code you cannot insure your car either.

Driving a car involves great risks. Not surprisingly, the owner has an obligation to insure the car at least for third-party liability (TPL). What about the reporting code and how to arrange car insurance?

How do you put a car in your name?

Putting a car in your name is also called transferring the license plate to your name. This can be done at the post office, but nowadays there are several places where it can be done. For example, at a license plate counter. Even online you can transfer a license plate. To transfer the registration to your name, you need the following documents:

  • Registration certificate of the seller
  • Transfer certificate or registration card
  • Legitimation certificate of the purchaser

A certificate of release will be issued which is for the seller. The buyer will later receive the registration card at home.

Now to insure the car

Before you drive your car, the vehicle must be insured. This can't wait until you get back home. Fortunately, you can arrange that on the spot. Even outside of office hours. On Alpina.nl you can insure your car 24 hours a day. It will take you a few minutes to compare the various insurers. For this you need to have the license plate number at hand and of course the registration code.

What is the reporting code?

The report code consists of the last four digits of the car's chassis number. For a motorcycle, scooter or quad, the report code consists of the last four digits of the frame number. To prevent registration and insurance fraud, you cannot insure a car without a report code. The code forms a unique link with the registration number. To insure the car you are buying, you don't have to wait until after the transfer of the car. You can ask the seller for the license plate number and report code in advance. In fact, when you apply for car insurance online, you can make the insurance effective as of a certain date. So you can arrange it now if it is still a few days before you pick up the car.

When do you need the reporting code?

Only when insuring the car should you have the code ready. Without the code you can already compare insurance and select the most suitable car insurance. Once you have found the most suitable insurance at the lowest premium, you really need the code for insurance.


Reporting code car

Reporting code car and RDW

If you do not provide the correct report code, your vehicle cannot be registered with the RDW and your car will be registered as 'uninsured'. It is therefore important that youF us the correct registration code.


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