Car registration code: how does it work?

The registration card comes with a registration code. This code is unique and shows that you are actually the owner of the car. You will need the registration code when you want to sell, scrap, suspend, trade in or export your car. Do you have no idea where to find your registration code or have you lost it? At Alpina\.nl you can read all about the registration code for your car.

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Lost car registration code

It happens regularly that the registration code is lost. According to the RDW, this happens around 200,000 times a year. That is how often a new registration code is requested. The letter containing the second part of the code is lost when people move house, the registration certificate is lost, or the computer crashes, causing the file containing the code to be lost. The registration code is also often lost when the car changes owners. Have you found that you have lost your car's registration code? No problem, because you can apply for a new code from the RDW. You do not have to wait for the post and you can even download it immediately if you log in with DigiD.

Requesting a car registration code

If you want to request a new registration code, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in via the button 'Download registration code immediately' on the RDW website. You can then log in with your DigiD.
  2. Select the vehicle for which you want to request a new code
  3. Pay the costs via iDeal
  4. You will then receive 2 e-mails from RDW. The second e-mail contains the link to the new registration code
  5. Download the new code and save it. The code will remain available for 40 days via the link

Transfer your car? Registration code needed

If you have sold your car, you have to transfer the registration number to the name of the new owner. For this you need the registration code, to prove that you are the owner of the car. You should take your registration card with the registration code OR the original registration certificate (part IB) and the transfer certificate (part II) to the vehicle registration office.

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