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Example registration code

You used to have the registration certificate (part II or copy part III). However, this has been replaced by the registration code. A registration code is a unique 9-digit code. This code consists of 2 parts that you have to put together yourself. You need the registration code when you want to sell, scrap, suspend, trade in or export your car. Wondering what a registration code looks like? Here is an example of a registration code.

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Second part of the registration code

The second part of the registration code is in the letter you receive from the RDW, along with the registration card. This is sent by mail a few days after the registration. The letter contains the last 5 digits of the code. It is important that you keep the registration code. On the letter you receive there are 9 boxes. The last 5 boxes already contain the second part of the registration code.

car registration code

View registration code online

You cannot view the registration code online. This is because the code is split into two so that it cannot be easily stolen. Therefore, it is important that you keep both parts of the registration code. If you lose the registration code or part of it, you can request a new code online. You can then download this immediately when you log in with yourDigiD.

Apply for registration code online

Applying for a new registration code is done through the RDW website. You can follow the following steps when applying.

  1. Go to 'Lost car registration code' and log in using the 'Instant download registration code' button.
  2. Log in with your DigiD.
  3. Pay the fee of €1 using iDeal.
  4. You will then receive two emails from the RDW. The second email contains the link to your new registration code.

The new registration code remains for 40 days. Therefore, download it immediately and save it properly. Once you have your new registration code, the old code is no longer valid.

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  • Voor een berekening van de premies hebben we de postcode van de hoofdbestuurder nodig. Bij particulier gebruik dient de jongste bestuurder woonachtig te zijn op het zelfde adres als de aanvrager. Bij zakelijk gebruik kunt u hier de postcode van het bedrijf invullen.

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