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What does the company car insurance WA + limited casco cover?

This insurance offers coverage for damage caused by liability plus a limited extension to the legally compulsory third-party business insurance. A number of covers listed in the policy conditions are additionally insured. The insurance is a little more expensive than the WA car insurance, but in case of fire damage, hail damage and theft of the car, for example, you are happy with this extension.

WA + limited hull is a popular form of insurance for company cars that are no longer new, but not yet 10 years old. For a newer company car you choose the all-risk insurance and for cars that are 10 years old or older you choose the WA company car insurance. This is only an indication. A car of 10 years old can still represent a high value. In that case it is wise to choose WA + limited casco. You can find this out by comparing the company car insurances. With a difference in premium of only a few euros per month, you would rather choose a company car insurance with a broader coverage.

What cover does WA + limited casco offer?

Insurers almost all offer the same coverage in the WA + limited casco. They may use a different description for this type of insurance, but in general they are the same. The term WA + mini hull or WA + for short is also often used. The WA + limited hull insurance offers coverage against the following causes of damage:

  • Collision with stray animals
  • Storm damage
  • Hail damage
  • Lightning damage
  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Theft and damage caused by theft
  • Window breakage

Claims paid out of these coverages do not affect the amount of claim-free years. However, an excess may be payable.

What does the amount of the premium depend on?

The cost of insuring your company car depends on several factors. This also explains the large premium differences between insurers. One insurer will take the postal code of the insured into account, while another will heavily penalise young drivers with a high premium. Insurers also interpret the use of the car differently. Some insurers refuse company car insurance if the vehicle is used for delivering meals or as a courier. Other insurers are willing to insure it. Heavy factors for the premium include:

  • The catalogue value and the current value of the car
  • Is the car used for business purposes and how?
  • How many kilometres is it driven per year?
  • The weight and load capacity
  • How many claim-free years have been accumulated?

Do you want to know how much you will pay per month for a company car insurance? Calculate it online. When comparing them, you can also see what the premium will be if you choose for the all-risk company car insurance or the third-party insurance.

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