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Is cyber insurance necessary for my business?

The consequences of a cyber attack are often immense. If your company is confronted with one, the costs will be high. Your company can be hacked or your business data can be made public. As a victim, you will usually have to bear the costs yourself. However, you can take out cyber insurance for this. Is cyber insurance necessary for your business?

Growing risk for businesses

Around 80% of businesses in Europe have encountered some form of cybercrime. Companies are afraid and run a growing risk of becoming online victims of cybercriminals. The demand for cyber insurance is therefore growing rapidly. The financial consequences are often enormous. What is a wise choice in this case? Do you take out cyber insurance or not? Is it really necessary?


Do I need cyber insurance?

Whether it is necessary to insure your business against cybercrime depends on several factors. It is important to consider how much risk your business is exposed to. Cybercrime is currently a very rapidly growing form of crime. Have you taken measures to minimize the chances of a cyber attack? What other measures could you take to reduce the chance? How high is the damage within your company if you become a victim of cyber criminals? These are all important questions to answer in this regard.
The monthly premium for cyber insurance depends on your annual turnover and the maximum insured amount per claim. Want to know what cyber insurance costs for your business? You can easily make a premium calculation below.

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Coverage of a cyber insurance policy

Before taking out cyber insurance and deciding whether it is necessary for your business, it is important to look at the coverage of this insurance. A cyber insurance policy covers legal liability, business interruption, crisis management costs and your own loss. Also read the policy terms carefully. Certain conditions may apply. For example, your computer may need to have certain anti-virus software or your company 's staff may need to be properly informed and trained on the risks.

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