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Appraisal Report

Are you looking for an oldtimer valuation? We have various rates whereby the old-timer is insured on the basis of the appraisal value. Insuring on appraisal value is not possible on a WA coverage.

Request a classic car valuation

In order to value your proud possession correctly and insure it on a classic car insurance, an insurance company requires a valuation report. The valuation report must be carried out by a certified registered valuer, in accordance with article 7:960 of the Dutch Civil Code. Do you want to arrange an appraisal report yourself? The table below shows per insurance company where the appraiser should be affiliated.

PLEASE NOTE: Certain appraisers are excluded

A number of valuers have been found to provide 'excessive' valuations. In other words, they set too high a value for the vehicle. As a result of this information, our underwriters have decided not to accept reports from these valuers any more.

When in doubt, we always recommend that you ask whether a report from a particular appraiser will be accepted by the insurance company.

Always ask for the right, certified register appraiser, otherwise your report has no value. In general, a valuation report has a validity period of 24 to 36 months, depending on the insurer involved.

Authorised Valuers

The following valuation reports are in any case accepted by the companies:

Overview organisations


NIVRE stands for the Dutch Institute of Registered Experts. NIVRE endeavours to provide high-quality service by means of permanent education, with which craftsmanship, knowledge and professionalism can be seen in today's market.


By organising workshops and seminars on a regular basis, Stichting VRT aims to promote and maintain the professionalism, expertise and integrity of surveyors.


For valuation reports, mediation in buying and selling, searches, buying and selling of art and antiques, collectibles and motor vehicles (contemporary and classic). In short, for a professional with an understanding of movable property you have come to the right place.


Representative body for owners of historic vehicles aged 25 years and older. The FEHAC has over 200 members. These are Dutch associations and foundations that together represent approximately 70,000 people. All these people ensure that a rich and varied collection of historic vehicles is preserved in the Netherlands.

Article 275 Wvk

Expert valuation, independent third party determines the value, unlimited validity according to law. Read more about Article 275 WVK.

Article 7:960 BW

Since 01-01-2006, this has replaced Section 275 of the Dutch Code of Civil Procedure. Read more about Section 7:960 of the Dutch Civil Code.

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