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The Alpina Theory App is free for anyone to download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

The Alpina Theory App is made possible through a collaboration between Alpina Group and A.S.R. They are joining forces in 2022 to actively contribute to a financially healthy future and a safe living environment for customers, associates and employees. They have been doing this for 60 years. This year, special attention is being paid to reducing CO2 emissions and preventing fire, water and traffic damage, because prevention is better than cure.

  1. Terms of Use
    • These terms and conditions apply to the use of Alpina's theory exam app, hereinafter referred to as 'the app'. The terms and conditions apply as soon as you download and activate the app.
    • Before you can use the app, you must agree to these terms and conditions. Do not download and install the app if you cannot agree to these terms.
    • By downloading and installing the app, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions as well as agree to be bound by them.
    • Through the app you can use additional material and practice questions to prepare for your theory exam free of charge. This material and practice questions should not be considered a substitute for the official material and practice questions.
  2. General
    • Use of the app is subject to these terms and conditions and the app privacy statement.
    • The app is for personal use on a smartphone or tablet owned or controlled by yourself.
    • The app does not include the provision of telecommunications services such as the Internet or any other online connectivity.
  3. Using the app
    • To use the app, it must be downloaded from Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (IOS).
    • You are allowed to use the app on multiple devices at the same time.
    • For proper use of the app, it is important that you use the latest version of Google (Android) or Apple (IOS) operating system.
    • Do not use the app on devices modified by so-called jailbreaking.
    • Use of the app is entirely at the user's own risk and responsibility. accepts no liability of any kind or nature in this regard. The user may stop using the app at any time by deleting the app from the device.
    • We store your account information for your user convenience. would you like us to delete your data? you can do so by sending us an email requesting the deletion of your data.
  1. Safety measures
    • You are responsible for installing and using the app correctly. You must follow any instructions from us.
    • Never share your login information, such as login name and password, with others.
    • Make sure the device and connection are adequately protected against unauthorized use by malware or viruses, for example.
  2. Users under 16 years of age
    • The app is intended for users 16 and older.
    • If you are under the age of 16, you must have the permission of a parent or legal representative to use the app. By accepting these terms, you warrant that you are 16 years of age or older or have permission from your parent or legal representative.
  1. Liability
    • Despite Alpina's utmost care in providing information in the app, the app may contain inaccuracies or omissions. Alpina Group cannot guarantee that the app will function without interruption, contain no inaccuracies or incompleteness or that these will be corrected in the app.
    • Alpina is not liable for any damage or injury to property or persons caused by the non-functioning, malfunctions, interruptions, errors, inaccuracies or delays within the app, even if caused by the actions of third parties.
    • Alpina will not be liable for any damages or expenses resulting from the use or inability to use the app.
    • The app may contain references to Internet pages. Alpina is not liable for the use, content or operation of these Internet pages.
  2. Intellectual property
    • All intellectual property rights and/or similar rights to the (content of the) app, including the underlying software, images, video and sound clips, belong exclusively and exclusively to Alpina, or its licensors.
    • You have a right to use the app and therefore no ownership. You may not sell, rent, lend or make the app or any part of it available to others.
    • You will respect the name and reputation of Alpina at all times and ensure that your use of the app does not in any way harm Alpina's rights and/or reputation.
  3. Block or stop the app
    • The app can be blocked if it is no longer secure or safe to use. Blocking is also possible if we suspect that the app is being misused or if we are required to do so by law.
    • In case of abuse or unauthorized use, Alpina may revoke the right to use the app and block access to the app. Alpina reserves the right to implement controls to monitor the use of the app.
    • Alpina is authorized to stop offering the app or to modify the content of the app at any time.
  4. Amendments
    • Alpina may change these terms and conditions at any time. When you update the app, you accept the latest version of these terms and conditions.
    • Continued use of the app after changes to terms implies that you agree to the changes.